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Dear Hip Hop Dance lovers,


1Fiesta is now bringing Hip Hop to the town! Come and join Latifa's Hip Hop Dance class! We will be running 2 trial sessions. If you guys love her, we will continue with the class. Below is a short description of her.

"My name's Latifa and I'm from Manchester, UK. I've been dancing since I was 10, and I've specialised in hip hop for 4 years. My styles include street, lyrical and street jazz. I've been teaching in the Factory Youth Zone Manchester where I taught choreography infused with street and MTV dance styles. I've also been featured in a local Manchester artist's music video as a back up dancer. My dance classes are fun-filled with dance moves inspires by Beyonce, J Lo and Usher. So be sure to sign up and you'll work a sweat and have a blast."

Dates: 22nd & 29th Jul 2013, (Mondays)

Time: 8 - 9 pm

Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

Price: $12 or Punch cards






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