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We have different packages to cater to your needs! You can choose to pay $58 for one WHOLE MONTH of Unlimited Fitness Classes or just $8 a full calendar day of UNLIMITED Fitness Classes or simply join by per class @ $7! Sign up with us now!

Note: Please pay Only One Day in advance to avoid confusion to our admin. For example, if you want to attend classes on Tuesday, please make payment and e mail us on Monday night BEFORE 9 pm. If it is already Tuesday but you don't mind just attending just the Tuesday evening classes, you can still send in your payment and e mail by Tuesday noon 1 pm.

Payment via Paynow  (Company UEN: 53210636M)

Company name: 1Fiesta

Then screen shot the payment confirmation and e mail to us, also stating the Date of the classes that you want to attend. The e mail address is in the poster. Please do check the spam / junk folder for our e mail reply.



Any questions or problem, you can also send us a FB message HERE or go on our FB page: 1Fiesta  (Click Here.)



Note: there will be changes to the schedule during public holidays.








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