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  • Announcement 5th April 2020

    Hi members do take note of this, punchcards expiry extension will be advised again after this Circuit Breaker period.

    Thank you so much for your understanding.

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE (as of 23rd March 2020)

    Hi 1Fiesta members, please RSVP for all classes here

  • Aqua Zumba!!¬†ūüí¶ūüí¶ūüí¶ūüí¶ūüí¶ To experience the best of fitness, fun and exhilarating Latin moves at the same time, join¬†Jean Liang


    Aqua Zumba!!¬†ūüí¶ūüí¶ūüí¶ūüí¶ūüí¶
    To experience the best of fitness, fun and exhilarating Latin moves at the same time,
    join Jean Liang

    Mondays 7.30pm - 8.30pm ~ Kallang Basin Swim Complex (ActiveSG)

    Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm ~ Singapore Recreation Club

    Saturdays 9am - 10am ~ Tampines Swim Complex at OTH Level 6 (ActiveSG)

    Sundays 9am - 10am ~ Heartbeat@Bedok Level 5 (ActiveSG)

    Email Jean for registration details!

  • Let‚Äôs All Do Our Part ( 2019 Novel Coronavirus)

  • Join us at these classes with Sohila, Nurul, Jean & Sabrina!

  • Health Advisory precautions (31st Jan 2020)

  • CNY 2020 Special Classes!

  • CNY 2020 Opening Hours

  • New class coming to Jurong East UrbanKick

  • Christmas Special Classes and NY 2020 Special Classes

    Its the time to celebrate again, lets party our way to fitness with all these special classes lined up for you!

  • Deepavali Special Classes! 28th Oct 2019 Monday

    Join us on this beautiful PH monday morning for a great workout!
    27th Oct 2019 Sunday: Studio classes as usual
    28th Oct 2019 Monday: 90mins special at Jurong, Waterloo and Tampines!

  • New Class at Tampines!

  • NirvanaFitness¬ģ is coming to Tampines Hub!

    NirvanaFitness¬ģ is a¬†unique blend¬†of uplifting music,¬†simple but efficient flow¬†of¬†pilates, yoga & functional movements¬†and¬†rhythmic breathing¬†to a soothing nirvana¬†soundscape & thetawave¬†sound technology to¬†detox the body¬†& experience the¬†Nirvana. Your own space of¬†blissful calm.

    Fee: $15 or 1 punch
    Please do bring an exercise mat along to the class.


    System will¬†teach¬†you¬†how to breathe correctly, leading you to a¬†slower¬†and¬†deeper¬†daily breathing pattern¬†(diaphragmatic with prolonged exhalation) that will¬†replace¬†shallow & stressful¬†&;default‚Ä̬†breathing.

    NirvanaFitness¬ģ progressively slows down breathing rhythm¬†going from 12 breaths/min to only 4 breaths/min.

    This increasingly employs the relax centers in your nervous system and efficiently slows and calms all the body systems, creating potential for regeneration through decreasing metabolic rate at all levels.

    NirvanaFitness¬ģ is an ultimate body & mind detox system.
  • Mark the date 5th October 2019 5pm!!

    Have you got the tickets to this amazing event with Jhon Gonzalez?
    5 Oct 2019 Sat 4pm at Downtown east with special guest appearance by M Gerald Tay

    Join us at this Zumba Fitness party for an awesome experience and workout with our guest from Los Angeles. Contact us on the website to get your tickets today or any of our 1Fiesta instructors!

  • Tampines Monday morning NEW CLASS (Starting 2 Sep 2019)

  • Aqua Fitness 2019 31 August Saturday

    Sign up now HERE!

    Aqua Fitness 2019
    31 August 2019 Our Tampines Hub Price$12.00
    Aqua Zumba¬ģ dance steps through water resistance & Aqua Tabata is high intensity interval training in the pool.¬†

  • Zumba Fitness MASTER CLASS! Everyone is welcome!

    Join us at this Zumba Fitness party for an awesome experience and workout with our guest from Los Angeles. Contact us on the website to get your tickets today or any of our 1Fiesta instructors!

  • Hari Raya Special 5th June 2019

    Special 90mins class with Kai on Hari Raya Puasa
    45mins of Zumba Toning + 45Mins of Zumba Fitness
    Dont miss this awesome workout on this special day!

    Both the Tampines wednesday morning instructors are coming together this time!
    It will be an awesome blast with Beverly & Lilian

    Its been a long while since Gerald had a 90mins special, dont miss this special edition again!


  • Vesak day 2019 PH classes! Long weekend

  • Ubound new pricing at Jurong East!

  • Sundays Mornings at Jurong East! Back to Back classes with Suyi

    W.E.F 26th May 2019!
    Join Suyi for a back to back Zumba Fitness and Strong By Zumba 
    on sunday mornings at 1Fiesta Jurong East!

    Fee: $15 for 1 class or $24 for back to back classes.
    Walk in and punchcards are welcome!

  • Salsation coming to Tampines Hub

  • $10 promo for Zumba Fitness at Ang Mo Kio

    Hi Ang Mo Kio peeps!
    Good news! $10 promo continues till the end of May 2019.
    The party goes on!
    See you in class!
  • Zumba Toning at Tampines Thu 8pm!

    Join Miha for Zumba Toning at Tampines!

  • Labour Day 2019 Special Classes

    Dont miss these public holiday Special classes with our awesome instructors!
    1 May 2019 10am!!!!


  • Good Friday 2019 Special Classes

    Dont miss these public holiday Special classes with our awesome instructors!
    19 April 2019 Friday 10am!!!!
  • $10 class promo for Apr 2019 (AMK)

    Check out our new beautiful location at ANG MO KIO! 
    Extended Promotion till end of April 2019 at $10 per class!
    Join Nurul & Syazlina on mondays and wednedays evenings

  • UBOUND promotion for Jurong East

    Promo till 24 Apr 2019
    $5 cash is waived off, UBOUND class is now $15 or 1punch till 24/4/19.

    1Fiesta Jurong East!
    UBOUND with Ariel Ng
    Wednesdays: 730pm

    U BOUND¬ģ is an intense and energetic exercise program with rebounders, which means no impact and no stress on joints.
    The benefits of U BOUND¬ģ on improving the lymphatic system (for toxin release) helps many to feel a sense of euphoria, which may also explain why scientists describe it as ‚Äúone of the most effective exercise training regimes ever created by humans!"

    UBOUND uses trampolines specially designed to have no handles in order to get you to fully engage your core muscles. 
    Get that toned flat core
    Burns fats MORE EFFECTIVELY especially for lower half of your body
    Protects your joints by absorbing majority of the shock as you land
    Proven to be 3 times more effective than jogging
    Burns up to 900 calories with 60 mins on the trampolines
    Improves motor coordination as you strengthen 400 muscles

  • New term at HTNS Bukit Batok (March 2019)

    Calling people in the West!
    Join Sabrina & Suyi Cheng for a great party on mondays & wednesdays

    HTNS Bukit Batok:
    2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003
    HTNS Member: $85.60
    Safra or PA Member: $96.30
    Guest: $102.70
    (Term of 8 sessions)
    *** Note: Registration will have to be made by signing up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter on the of the start of the new term only.
  • Zumba Class promo! $10 per class!

    Check out our new beautiful location at ANG MO KIO!
    Promotion till end of March 2019 at $10 per class!
    Join Nurul & Syazlina on mondays and wednedays evenings


  • CNY 2019 Operating Hours

    CNY mood is getting closer!
    Here's our operating hours during the festive period and see you in our CNY special classes!

  • New class SALSATION¬ģ on Wednesdays mornings to Waterloo

    New class coming to Waterloo on Wednesday mornings!

    SALSATION¬ģ is a fun and addictive dance fitness program based on functional training with a very strong focus on musicality and lyrical expression.
    No dance experience required!

    This pioneering program converts functional training protocols into innovative dance moves, ensuring the body moves in a natural and healthy way.    Movements are controlled and very grounded making it safe and gentle on the joints and fun for everyone!

    Why do we call it SALSATION¬ģ?

    SALSATION¬ģ is a mix of the words salsa (hot spicy sauce) and sensation. Salsa, as in the mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances and fitness protocols. Sensation is the feeling you get from the program‚Äôs strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression and feel good effects from the functional training on your body.

  • New class coming to Waterloo! Yin Yoga 75mins

    Yin Yoga 75mins
    Starting 14 Feb 2018
    Thursdays 11am ‚Äď 12.15pm
    $15 or 1 punch
    1Fiesta Waterloo Centre

    Join me to feel better with your body. Yin yoga holds each posture for extended period of time to release fascia muscles and relieves aches you have in your body. 75mins class of peaceful time on the mat working to understanding your body better.

    Benefits of a regular Yin yoga practice:

    Calms and balances the mind and body
    Reduces stress and anxiety
    Increases circulation
    Improves flexibility
    Releases fascia muscles and improves joint mobility
    Balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi or prana

    Details, click here

  • CNY 2019 Special Classes! 6 Feb 2019 Wed 10am

    Dont miss these CNY Special classes with our awesome instructors!
    6 February 2019 Wednesday 10am!!!!
  • New term at HTNS Bukit Batok (January 2019)

    Calling people in the West! Join Sabrina & Suyi Cheng for a great party on mondays & wednesdays
    HTNS Bukit Batok:
    2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003
    HTNS Member: $85.60
    Safra or PA Member: $96.30
    Guest: $102.70
    (Term of 8 sessions)
    *** Note: Registration will have to be made by signing up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter on the of the start of the new term only.
  • New class coming to Tampines! Oxigeno¬ģ on Mondays 11am

    Tampines!! New class coming to you.
    Oxigeno¬ģ on Mondays 11am with¬†Lilian Tan
    Walk in are welcome!

    An exercise program based on Pilates, Yoga and Functional Training for improved flexibility, strength and mobility through harmonics and fluid movements closely related to breathing.

    Details here

  • *NEW CLASS* Flow and Burn (Tampines Hub)

    Starting 10th January 2019 Thursday

    New Yoga class :Flow and Burn with Aishah Elmie
    Thursdays 10am
    Walk in $15 or 1 punch

    "Flow and burn"
    Immerse yourself in upbeat songs and dynamic movement. This class begins with arm-toning sequence and moves on to a full body workout. It uses yoga-inspired flow and ends with some relaxing stretch. Great for anyone who wants a low-impact workout.

  • *FREE* Aqua Zumba 29th Dec 2018 8pm

    Free Aqua Zumba by Jean Liang!

    Register online and Party away

    Link to register:





  • New Year’s Day Special Classes! 1st Jan 2019 10am

    Start the new year with a great fitness party! Join us in these special classes. Introducing Nirvana Fitness, Strong by Zumba with Zumba Fitness this time round!

    1st Jan 2019 Tuesday 10am

    Jurong East - 120mins Special class with Jenny Kee (10am - 12noon)
    (60min Zumba Fitness + 60min Nirvana Fitness )
    Walk in at $24 or 2 punch

    Waterloo  - 90mins Zumba Fitness with Gerald (10am - 11.30am)
    Walk in at $22 or 1 punch + $7

    Tampines Hub- 90mins Special class with Sohila (10am - 12noon)
    (60min Zumba Fitness + 30min Strong By Zumba )
    Walk in at $22 or 1 punch + $7

  • NEW LOCATION AT ANG MO KIO (Broadway Plaza)

    NEW LOCATION at Ang Mo Kio!!!!

    Starting 7 Jan & 9 Jan 2019 , Zumba Fitness at a new location!
    Mondays 7pm with Nurul Amiriah
    Wednesdays 730pm with Syaz Nur Syazlina
    5minutes away from AMK Mrt
    Broadway plaza 4190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #03-02  S 569841
    Studio Name: DF Academy
    Please be informed that Yio Chu Kang classes will cease from 27 Dec 2018 onwards.
  • Waterloo Studio (alternative stairway access)

  • KpopX on saturdays at Tampines Hub with Jaenny Chandra

  • Christmas 2018 Special classes! 90mins crazy Zumba Fitness

    25 Dec 2018 Tuesday
    PH Special Classes!! 
    Come and join us at our 1Fiesta studios!! RSVP now

  • Party your way to Fitness with Sabrina

  • Come Party with Jenny Kee!!! Zumba Fitness & Nirvana Fitness

  • Zumba Fitness at Bukit Batok! Hometeam NS club

    Calling people in the West! Join Sabrina & Suyi Cheng for a great party on mondays & wednesdays
    HTNS Bukit Batok:
    2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003
    HTNS Member: $85.60
    Safra or PA Member: $96.30
    Guest: $102.70
    (Term of 8 sessions)
    *** Note: Registration will have to be made by signing up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter on the of the start of the new term only.
  • Aqua Zumba at various locations!


    Aqua Zumba with Syazlina

    Thursdays 8.00pm
    Our Tampines Hub
    Term: 3 Jan 2019 - 21 Feb 2019
    SIGN UP: https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/1225/venue/894

    Aqua Zumba with Jean Liang

    Sat 9.00am
    Our Tampines Hub
    Term: 17 Nov 2018 - 5 Jan 2019
    SIGN UP: https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/1225/venue/894

    Sun 9.00am
    Term: 18 Nov 2018 - 6 Jan 2019
    SIGN UP: https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/1225/venue/898

    Mon 7.30pm
    Jalan Besar Swim Complex
    Term: 5 Nov - 24 Dec 2018
    SIGN UP: https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/1225/venue/193

    Wed 7.00pm
    Singapore Recreation Club
    SRC term: 7, 14, 21 & 28 Nov 2018
    4 sessions @ $81.30 for non-mbr , $60 for SRC mbr

    Email: Jean


    Aqua Zumba provides a great exercise experience and make full use of your bodies increased buoyancy and flexibility as you move to the lovely music. Exercise in water will provide you with a challenging and invigorating workout that build your body strength. 

    Reduced Strain on Your Joints
    Greater Muscle Resistance
    Treat Joint Pain
    Less Impact and Stress Body 
    More Fun

    Greater Muscle Resistance. Water have higher density than air and providing greater resistance for your muscles. It allows you to build up your strength and when you move your body, the water will provide resistance in all directions. Less Impact and Stress on Body Exercise in water helps to support your body weight. More Fun Dancing is one of the best and interesting ways to get in a cardio workout that you can actually enjoy. By combining the dance and pool fun you can get a workout which is more beneficial for you.

  • Deepavali Special Classes! 6 Nov 2018 Tuesday

    6 November 2018 Tue
    PH Special Classes!! 
    Come and join us at our 1Fiesta studios!! RSVP here

  • Fight Do on Sundays at Tampines Hub

    WEF 11 Nov 2018, new Fight Do class is added on Sundays 11.45am!

    FIGHT-DO¬ģ is a fantastic fitness class combining the very best of boxing and martial arts, where you imagine that you're in an actual fight with one or more opponents.

    Using Punches, kicks, blocks and sometimes even a skipping rope, FIGHT-DO¬ģ provides a fun and effective class using simple, dynamic and intense combat type training, which helps to burn fat and improve muscle tone.

    Participants in FIGHT-DO ¬ģ have the potential to consume between 600 & 800 calories per session. Now that‚Äôs worth fighting for!

    Experience the Power of the Dragon for yourself with FIGHT DO¬ģ
    Details: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/

  • Halloween Special Classes

    30th October 2018

    Halloween Special with Miya
    Zumba Gold 9am-10am &
    Zumba Fitness 10am - 11am

    Waterloo Studio A:
    90mins Halloween Special with Gerald
    7pm - 830pm
    Join the crazy G for a night of great music, great company, great Zumba for this Halloween!
    Walk in at $22 or 1punch + $7
    RSVP: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/zumba-fitness-39-2018-10-30/

  • New classes! UBound & Pop pilates

  • New mind & body classes added in October 2018!

    Come and join us in these mind & body classes at Waterloo!

  • 22 Aug 2018 Haji Public Holiday Special Classes

    22 Aug 2018 Wed
    PH Special Classes!! 
    Come and join us at our 1Fiesta studios!!
    RSVP now

  • 2018 National Day PH Special Classes!!

    Join our instructors for a wonderful PH morning on National Day!!! 90mins special at our 1Fiesta studios!

    RSVP here

    Please be informed that Waterloo starts at 9am
    while Tampines & Jurong is at 10am!


  • “Chugether Again” 120 Min Zumba Fitness Party with¬† ZES‚ĄĘ¬†David Velez¬†& ZJ¬ģ¬†M Gerald Tay

    6 Oct 2018 Sat 5pm-7pm at Zouk Clarke Quay

    Tickets sold out!

    "Chugether Again"
    120 Min Zumba Fitness Party with 
    ZES‚ĄĘ¬†David Velez¬†& ZJ¬ģ¬†M Gerald Tay

    6 OCTOBER 2018 5PM - 7PM
    ZOUK @ Clarke Quay

    Early bird price until 5 Aug
    Group of 10: $35

    6 Aug onwards
    Group of 10: $38

    Individual: $40
    Price at Door: $45

  • AQUA ZUMBA is coming to Jalan Besar Pool!! one time free trial on 23 July 2018!

    Aqua Zumba Trial **FREE***
    Monday, 23 July 2018
    7.30pm - 8.30pm
    Sign-up link https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/7765/venue/193

    Weekly Aqua Zumba
    Term: 6 Aug - 24 Sept 2018
    Mondays, 7.30pm to 8.30pm
    $96 for 8 sesssions

    Sign-up here https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/1225/venue/193

    Jalan Besar Swimming Complex
    100 Tyrwhitt Road
    Singapore 207542


  • Nirvana Fitness¬ģ ** NEW class at Jurong East Studio**

    NirvanaFitness¬ģ with Jenny Kee

    7 July 2018 (Every Saturday)
    11.15am ‚Äď 12.15am
    $15 or 1 punch
    1Fiesta Jurong East

    Details here!

    NirvanaFitness¬ģ is a¬†unique blend¬†of uplifting music,¬†simple but efficient flow¬†of¬†pilates, yoga & functional movements¬†and¬†rhythmic breathing¬†to a soothing nirvana¬†soundscape & thetawave¬†sound technology to¬†detox the body¬†& experience the¬†Nirvana. Your own space of¬†blissful calm.

    System will¬†teach¬†you¬†how to breathe correctly, leading you to a¬†slower¬†and¬†deeper¬†daily breathing pattern¬†(diaphragmatic with prolonged exhalation) that will¬†replace¬†shallow & stressful¬†"default‚Ä̬†breathing.

  • Strong By Zumba at Tampines Hub with Sohila

    Looking for something different! Come and join Sohila Biczadehtakori at 1Fiesta Tampines Hub on Fridays 630pm for a Strong by Zumba workout!

    STRONG by Zumba¬ģ is a revolutionary high-intensity workout led by music to motivate you to crush your ultimate fitness goals.

    Details: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/

  • Yio Chu Kang studio update

    Dear Yio Chu Kang peeps,

    Sohila is coming to you in July!

    WEF 2 July 2018, Mondays 730pm - 830pm, Join Sohila with an hour of Zumba Fitness fun!

  • New Pilates class at Jurong East on Sunday mornings

    Pilates is a form of exercise founded by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s based on his insights into the power of connecting the mind, body and breath. Due to the our lifestyle today, we tend to neglect our bodies by not using them in the ways they were designed for. Consequently, we lose our flexibility, muscle strength and develop poor posture. Pilates benefits people of any age or fitness level. It helps to address issues like back problems and chronic pain. Yet, it is also suitable for people who just want to stay fit and healthy.

    A typical 1-hour mat work session starts with fundamental movements like breathing and gentle spine exercises to warm up the body. This is followed by 40 minutes of mat work movements and finally 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation to end the class. The trainer will demonstrate and explain each movement and move among the participants to ensure proper technique and assist when necessary.

  • Hot News!!!! 1Fiesta Competition results!!

    Hot News!!!!
    1Fiesta Competition results!!

    Congratulations to the following winning members! You truly deserve a prize. Keep up the good work! We thank you for sharing your inspiring story with your friends and your support for 1Fiesta!
    Category A: Most Inspiring Stories
    20 Sessions Punch cards winners:
    - Esther Low
    - Saliza Salim
    10 Sessions punch cards winners:
    - Stephanie Leow
    - Mdm Suhaini
    - Zaiton
    Category B: Most Social Media Shares
    20 Sessions Punch Card Winners:
    - Nur Suzyana Halim
    - Siti Zarinah
    10 Sessions Punch Card Winners:
    - Liyu Xu
    - Daena Chng
    We have sent you an email regarding prize collection.
    Check your inbox!!
    Team 1Fiesta
  • Riverside Point Studio schedule update wef June 2018

    Dear members,

    Please be informed of the following changes. See you in class!

  • Hari Raya Puasa PH Special Classes!

    Join our instructors for a wonderful PH morning!!!
    RSVP here

  • FIGHT-DO¬ģ at 1Fiesta Tampines Hub!

    WEF 4 Jun 2018, new class is added on Mondays 630pm!

    FIGHT-DO¬ģ is a fantastic fitness class combining the very best of boxing and martial arts, where you imagine that you're in an actual fight with one or more opponents.

    Using Punches, kicks, blocks and sometimes even a skipping rope, FIGHT-DO¬ģ provides a fun and effective class using simple, dynamic and intense combat type training, which helps to burn fat and improve muscle tone.

    Participants in FIGHT-DO ¬ģ have the potential to consume between 600 & 800 calories per session. Now that‚Äôs worth fighting for!

    Experience the Power of the Dragon for yourself with FIGHT DO¬ģ
    Details: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/

  • Riverside Point Studio wef 6 Jun 2018 onwards

    Dear members, please note that these following classes will be cancelled wef from 6 Jun 2018

    Wednesday 7pm with Genevie
    Thursday 8pm with Farah Fakar

    Most updated schedule

  • Vesak day PH classes

    Join us on a beautiful public holiday morning for these 90mins Zumba Fitness classes!
    Take your pick!! Jurong, Waterloo or Tampines studio

    Fee: $22 or 1punch +$7

    RSVP here

  • Labour Day 2018 Special Classes on 1st May!

    Join our amazing instructors for a 90mins session on a beautiful public holiday morning!!
    RSVP NOW!!!

  • 1Fiesta Competition – We want to hear from you!


    Dear Members,

    1Fiesta would love to hear from you.

    Tell us your journey with 1Fiesta and stand a chance to win 1Fiesta class packages!

    Share with us why you love coming to 1Fiesta classes. Maybe you have lost some weight?

    Maybe you found your best friends through our classes? Let us know!

    A total of 10 prizes to be won! The prizes are as follows:

    Category A: Most Inspiring Stories

    1st and 2nd prize: 1 x 20 sessions 1Fiesta Punch Card
    3rd, 4th and 5th prize: 1 x 10 sessions 1Fiesta Punch Card

    Winners will be determined by 1Fiesta Instructors Team. **Terms & Conditions at below

    Category B: Most Loved Stories

    1st and 2nd prize: 1 x 20 sessions 1Fiesta Punch Card
    3rd, 4th and 5th prize: 1 x 10 sessions 1Fiesta Punch Card

    In this category, you are to share your story on your Facebook or Instagram.
    Winners will be determined by the most number of likes you received on either your Facebook or your Instagram page, whichever is higher (but not both added together.)
    For all entries please add hashtags

    Note: You can be the winner for only 1 of the categories. So let’s say we choose you to be one of the top 2 in Category A, you won’t be winning anything from Category B, even if you are among the top 5 for the most loved stories but we still love to hear from you!

    **HOW TO JOIN:

    Information to include in a PDF file via email:

    -IC number
    -Mobile number
    -Photos (before / after photos will be good as well.)
    -Who is/are your favourite instructor/s?
    -Your Facebook or Instagram account (with a print screen to show the number of likes you receive ).
    - For all entries please add hashtags

    All entries are to be submitted by 15th May 2018, 2359 hrs. Entries are to be submitted in PDF format. For those who would like to compete in Category B, please do send us a print screen of the number of likes you receive. Any additional likes you get after submission will not be taken into account.
    Winners will be announced by 31st May 2018 and informed by email.

    Thank you for sharing your Journey with 1Fiesta and we hope to continue to be part of your life.

  • Waterloo Studio Updates

    Dear Members,

    Waterloo Studio: Please be informed that Zumba Fitness on Wednesday and Thursday mornings will be changed Zumba Gold (Wed) and Zumba Toning (Thu). Bringing new exciting formats to you in the mornings!
    WEF from 11 & 12 April 2018 onwards. Visit our schedule for details!

  • Class schedule changes with immediate effect

    Dear member, please be informed of these schedule changes.

    For the most updated schedule, please check HERE

  • 30 Mar 2018 Good Friday Special Classes!!

    Join our amazing instructors for a 90mins session on a beautiful public holiday morning!!
    RSVP NOW!!!

  • Tampines Hub¬† Thursdays with¬†Lilian Tan

    1Fiesta Tampines Hub  Thursdays 7pm & 8pm with Lilian Tan

    Join Lilian for 7pm - Zumba Fitness & 
    8pm for Pound and Fight-Do on alternate Thursdays.

    Do check the website for details 

    One time Fight-Do class on 13 Feb 2018 Tuesday 6.40pm too! 
    (Covering for Teo Yen Kai)

    *No evening class on CNY eve 15 Feb 2018.*

  • NEW Location!! Northpoint Yishun MRT

    A new location for people in the NORTH!!!
    Come and join Syazlina & Jenny Kee for an hour of Zumba Fitness at this beautiful studio!!!

    Address: 930 Yishun Ave 2,
    North Point City #03-38
    North Wing S769098
    (STUDIO 3)

    Zumba Fitness

    WEF 1 MARCH 2018

    Tuesdays 7.30pm-8.30pm with Syazlina

    Thursdays 7pm ‚Äď 8pm with Jenny Kee

    Please note that classes at Woodlands will stop wef from end of February 2018.




  • 1Fiesta is featured on Shopback.sg!


  • 2 Days of CNY Special Classes specially for you!!

    2 Days of Special Classes specially for you amidst your CNY feasting!! Come and join us for these 90mins or B2B special classes!!!

    17 Feb 2018 Sat
    Waterloo‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Jean
    Jurong East ‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Sabrina
    Tampines ‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Noora

    18 Feb 2018 Sun
    Waterloo‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Gerald
    Jurong East with Farah
    10am ‚Äď Zumba Fitness (60mins)
    11am ‚Äď Strong by Zumba (60mins)
    Tampines ‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Noora & Yilin

    - 90mins $22 walk in or 1 punch + $7
    - 60mins $15 per class or $24 back to back class
    RSVP online now https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/

  • YCK Grassroots Studio class change as of 5 Feb 2018!

    Zumba Fitness back to
    Yio Chu Kang on Mondays
    with Jean Liang!!! 


  • Waterloo Studio classes cancellation 26-28 Jan 2018

    Dear members, please be informed that there's a training from 26-28 Jan 2018
    and do check the schedule changes for Waterloo Studio A&B for these 3 days.
    27th Jan Saturday:
    Tomomi Takabayashi's classes are CANCELLED
    09:45am Zumba Toning at Studio A (Gerald Tay)
    11am Zumba Fitness at Studio A (Gerald Tay)
    28th Jan Sunday
  • Classes at Grassroots Club (next to Yio Chu Kang MRT)

    Join Syaz Nur Syazlina & Syazniza at our convenient location in the north!!
    Grassroots Club is just next to Yio Chu Kang MRT.
    Add these weekdays classes to your workout routine!

    Details: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/

    Mondays 7pm - Salsation Fitness
    Wednesdays 745pm - Zumba Fitness

    Walk in class at $15 or use our usual fiesta punch card.

  • Christmas and NYD Special classes!!

    Rsvp here now!

    25 Dec 2017 Monday & 1st Jan 2018 Monday

  • Riverside Point @ Clarke Quay

    Check out our new timeslots at Riverside Point
    Conveniently located near
    Clarke Quay MRT (NEL) & Fort Canning MRT (DTL)



    Body Combat Fundraising class

    11th Nov 2017 by Tomomi‚Äč
    12th Nov 2017 by Christopher‚Äč
    11.15am - 12.15pm
    Waterloo Studio B
    $15 cash ONLY
    (*no punchcard for this class)

    Workout For Water: to deliver clean, safe water to thousands of children across East Africa.
    Workout for Water is the first event of its kind ‚Äď a truly global fitness fundraiser for the charity UNICEF to help build clean water pumps in East Africa.

    More info: https://www.lesmills.com/move-the-world/

    Class info:

    Donation box will be available at Waterloo Studio for members who would like to donate money before and after the fundraising classes.

  • 1Fiesta Halloween Special 2017!!

    Look out for the various special classes coming up this Halloween!

    Are you ready for the eerrrriessst???
    Join Kee Jenny for a Halloween Special Zumba party!

    30 Oct 2017 (Monday)
    1Fiesta Tampines Hub Studio
    Fee: $15 or 1 punch.


    Halloween Special with the scarier
    than ever M Gerald Tay!!!
    This time scaring in the west and in the city!!!

    Jurong: 30th Oct Monday 730pm
    Waterloo: 31st Oct Tuesday 7pm
    Fee: $15 or 1 punch. See you there!!!


    A Halloween Aqua Zumba Party!?!
    Let's try scaring each other in the pool  !

    Join Jean & Syaz on Saturday 28 Oct 2017 Saturday,
    7pm - 8.30pm at Existing (old) Tampines Swimming Complex
    for a 90mins of splashing FUN at $2 (includes pool entry)!

    Register HERE

    See you there at your eeriest ~ oooO

  • Deepavali PH Special! 18 Oct 2017

    Join our instructors for a wonderful PH morning!!!
    RSVP here

  • Halloween Aqua Zumba Party 28 Oct 2017 7pm!!!

    Always fancy joining a Pool Party?
    A Halloween Aqua Zumba Party in fact!!

    Join Jean & Syaz on Saturday 28 Oct 2017 Saturday,
    7pm - 8.30pm at Existing (old) Tampines Swimming Complex for a 90mins of splashing FUN! Fee: $2 includes pool entry

    Register from link

    See you there at your eeriest ~ oooO

  • Class updates for Syazlina (Syaz Snr)


    Please take note of the change of timing and location of the Tuesdays 7.30 pm Aqua Zumba.
    As of 28 Sep 2017, it will be on Thursdays 8pm-9pm happening at 
    Tampines Swimming Complex Special Features Complex
    (Our Tampines Hub Level 6)

    New term starting: 28 Sep 2017 - 16 Nov 2017

    Do register through ActiveSG and hope to see you soon and have a splashing good times!
    Register HERE!

    Thank you for all the amazing memories and support at the old Tampines Pool! ? see you soon


    Please note that the last class for Thursday 8pm @ Woodlands will be on 21st Sep 2017.
    Zumba Fitness at Woodlands will be changed to Mondays 8pm instead, starting on 2nd Oct 2017. 

  • Newsletter Sep 2017: Golden Mile Studio Farewell Party and class updates!

  • Zumba Fitness at Home Team NSJOM (Bukit Batok)!

    Zumba Fitness at Home Team NS JOM (Bukit Batok)!

    Mon 7.30pm with Sabrina
    New term start 25 Sep 2017, register now!

    Wed 7pm-8pm with Suyi
    New term start 27 Sep 2017, register now!

    HTNS Member: $80
    Safra / PA Member: $90
    Guest: $96
    8 sessions

    Sign up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter

    *Term for Zumba Fitness is for 8 fixed lessons and fee is before GST. Each Lesson is limited to 25 pax.

    *** Note: As the Zumba Classes here are a collaboration with NS Home Team Bukit Batok, registration will have to be made by signing up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter before the start of the new term.

    2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003

  • Aqua Zumba at Heartbeat@ Bedok **New Timeslot!!

    Term Class sign up link here

  • Exciting Haji PH Special Classes!!

    Exciting Haji PH Special Classes!!

    1 Sep 2017 Friday! Check the posters for details!

    Price: $22 walk in or 1 punch + $7

    RSVP online at 1fiesta.com.sg or mobile app

    RSVP opens this friday 25 Aug!

  • National Day 2017 Zumba Special Classes

  • 16 July 9am-10am for Aqua Zumba *Free*

    Join Jean Liang at Bedok ActiveSG pool on Sunday, 16 July, 9am -10am for Aqua Zumba!!
    Limit to 30pax. Registration required.

    Link: https://members.myactivesg.com/programmes/view/program/4131/venue/132

    Free 1 hour session BUT usual pool entry fee applies


  • Announcement: Tampines Hub Jazz Class & Modern Dance

  • Hari Raya Special Classes 25 & 26 Jun 2017

    Public Holiday Special Classes!

    25th June 2017 Sunday

    Jurong ‚Äď 10am 60mins Zumba Fitness,
    11am 60mins Strong by Zumba with Farah

    Waterloo 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Gerald

    Tampines ‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Noora


    26th June 2017 Monday

    Jurong ‚Äď 10am 60mins Zumba Fitness,
    11am 60mins Strong by Zumba with Suyi & Sohila

    Waterloo &; 10am 60mins Zumba Fitness,
    11am 60mins Zumba Toning with Sabrina

    Golden Mile ‚Äď 10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Farah

    Tampines ‚Äď ¬†¬†¬†¬†10am 90mins Zumba Fitness with Jean


    60mins $15 walk in or 1punch,
    Two 60mins classes back to back $24 or 2 punch

    90mins $22 walk in or 1 punch + $7


    raya2017 phclass

  • POP Pilates¬ģ @ Golden Mile now! 17th May 2017 onwards


    Now at Golden Mile from 17th May 2017 onwards!

    Wednesdays 730pm ‚Äď 830pm

    $15 cash walk-in or 1 punch (1Fiesta punchcard)

    Location: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex,
    #04-16, Singapore 199588

    POP Pilates¬ģ Instructor: Yilin Ng

    RSVP here

  • *PROMO* FatBurn Extreme – May 2017

    Promotion for May 2017!!!

    Attend any 1Fiesta class and if you continue with the Fatburn Extreme class, you just need to top up $3! ( Normal price: $8.50 for package / $12 for walk-in)

    New classes added! Come and experience the benefits of Fatburn Extreme Class now! Less time, more results!

    FBX 2017 May Promotion.001

  • Vesak Day 10 May 2017 90mins Zumba Special class!


    RSVP Opens! RSVP here: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/?action=search_events&scope[0]=2017-05-08&scope[1]=2017-05-15

  • Good Friday Special Classes!!

    Join us on 14 April 2017 for a blast!


    good friday class

  • 1-1 promo for April 2017 at Jurong (selected classes only)

    JE Promotion 2017 Apr.001

  • New location @ Riverside Point

    Starting 4 Apr 2017.
    Join us for 
    Zumba Fitness

    Tuesday 7.30pm with Eugene
    Thursday 7.15pm with Junior
    Price: $15 or 1 punch

    new riverside class

  • *Free Trial* Zumba Gold at Jurong


    gold free trial


    Hi lovely members,

    Do join us for the Zumba Gold Every Sunday 9am at Jurong East with Syaz Nur Syazlina‚Äč!!

    Free Trial on 26 Feb & 5 Mar!!
    Do RSVP here: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/zumba-gold-2017-02-26/
    Perfect For
    Active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba¬ģ class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity.

    How It Works
    The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba¬ģ choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination. Come ready to sweat, and prepare to leave empowered and feeling strong.

    Class focuses on all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance!

  • 1Fiesta Zumba Glow Party



    Looking forward to party with you!


    Upcoming Zumba event by 1Fiesta!

    Details are out!!! Don't miss this party!
    120mins of Zumba fun!
    Ticketing starts now!

    1Fiesta Zumba Glow Party
    22 Apr 2017 (Sat)
    5pm - 7pm
    SCAPE The Ground Theatre


    Team 1Fiesta is excited to bring you "GLOW" Party with our special guest, Bianca Ayala Liotta, one of pioneer Zumba¬ģ Jammer from USA and she has been presenting in Zumba Instructor Convention for many years with the most recent Session "Stomp to the Beat".

    Some of you may remember seeing her in ZIN 38 1 on 1. She also represented Zumba¬ģ, dancing with Don Omar during Latin Billboard award in 2013..

    This is our first event in 5 years since 2012. We can't tell you how much we look forward to party with you!

  • Exciting updates for February 2017!

    Whats new feb gold jurong

  • CNY PH Zumba Fitness Special Classes!


    Gong Xi Gong Xi!!!!

    Here are the CNY special 90mins Zumba Fitness classes!!
    27th Jan Friday (CNY eve):
    Morning classes are as usual on , evening classes will be cancelled.

    28th Jan (Day 1) : All studios closed
    29th Jan (Day 2) & 30th Jan (Day 3): 90mins Special classes

  • New classes added for 2017!


    Happy New year to all our friends out there!

    Look out for the new fitness classes at 1Fiesta!

    Note for Yio Chu Kang Monday:

    9 Jan 2016: 7pm
    16 Jan 2016 onwards: 7.30pm

    Please do check the website for the most updated schedule.

  • 2017 NYD Special Classes


    Dear Members,

    Join us for our NYD series of Zumba parties!

    Let's fly into 2017 together with your new fitness resolutions!

    RSVP is needed for all the special classes via the website or mobile app "1Fiesta"!

    31st Dec & 1st Jan: RSVP here

    2nd Jan: RSVP here




  • Christmas & Boxing Day Special Classes


    Christmas Spirit is in the air! Time to party at 1Fiesta!
    Zumba Fitness, Strong by Zumba and POUND¬ģ too!

    All classes starting at 10am, RSVP is needed for these parties.
    Download "1Fiesta" app if you have not, it's user friendly to do the RSVP!

    Golden Mile
    25 Dec: *Christmas Special* 90mins Zumba Fitness with Gerald

    25 Dec: *Christmas Special* POUND¬ģ with¬†Lilian
    26 Dec: *Boxing Day Special* 90mins Zumba Fitness with Eugene

    Tampines Hub
    25 Dec: *Christmas Special* 120mins Zumba Fitness with Yilin/Noora
    26 Dec: *Boxing Day Special* 90mins Zumba Fitness with Noora

    Jurong East
    25 Dec: *Christmas Special* 90mins Zumba Fitness with Jean
    26 Dec: 10 am *Boxing Day Special* 60mins Zumba Fitness with Sabrina
    11am *Boxing Day Special* Strong by Zumba with Sabrina

    RSVP here!


  • Bt Batok: Zumba Fitness with Suyi


    People in the west!!

    Come and join Suyi for Zumba Fitness at Home Team NS JOM (Bukit Batok)!
    (HTNS Package of 8 sessions)

    Wednesdays 7pm-8pm :
    Starting on 7 Dec 16 - 25 Jan 16

    Home Team NS Member: $80 (Term*)
    Safra or PA Member: $90 (Term*)
    Guest: $96 (Term*)

    *Term for Zumba Fitness is for 8 fixed lessons and fee is before GST. Each Lesson is limited to 25 pax.

    *** Note: As the Zumba Classes here are a collaboration with NS Home Team Bukit Batok, registration will have to be made by signing up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter before the start of the new term.

    2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003

  • 27 Nov Special Classes for Tampines Hub Opening

    27 Nov 2106 Sunday (Tampines Hub)

    In conjunction with the OTH (One Tampines Hub) mall opening on , we planned the following special classes for all to try at our brand new beautiful studio!

    9am - 10 am: Zumba Toning with Kai
    10am - 11 am: Zumba Fitness with Gerald
    11am - 12 pm: Beginner Hip Hop (Age 15 & above) with Justis
    12pm - 1 pm: Kids Hip Hop (Age 10-14) with Justis
    3.30pm - 4.30 pm: Salsation with Syaz Violento Syazniza
    4.30pm - 5.30 pm: Zumba fitness with Noo Ra
    5.30pm - 6.30 pm: K-kardio with Timothy

    All the classes on 27 Nov 2016 will be at $10 per class. No further discount for back to back. 1Fiesta punch card can be used for all classes too. RSVP is compulsory.

    RSVP now!



  • IMPT: Moving of Tampines Studio into Tampines Hub

    Dear Tampines members,

    Take note of this change w.e.f 17 Nov 16 Thursday.

    Join us in the 2 special classes to celebrate this happy occasion!

    Team 1Fiesta



  • Free Aqua Zumba 12 Nov (Sat) 430pm at YIO CHU KANG

    Hey Aqua Zumba Fans!

    Do come down this Saturday 430pm to Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex for some splashing good fun with Jean Liang.
    FREE for all! Don't miss this!


  • Yoga! New Classes added!

    New Yoga Classes added! Join us for the FREE trial classes coming up!
    RSVP online one week ahead! Book your spot now!


    Yoga for Core with Aishah
    Waterloo Centre Studio B

    Fridays 9am - 10 am
    Free trials:  4 Nov 16 &  11 Nov 16
    Regular classes staring from 25 Nov 16
    RSVP: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/yoga-2-2016-11-04/

    Saturdays 9am - 10 am
    Free trials: 5 Nov 16 & 12 Nov 16
    Regular classes staring from 26 Nov 16
    RSVP: https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/yoga-for-core-2016-11-05/


    Yoga for Core:

    A dynamic class for core stabilisation.
    Abdominal strengthening poses and breathing exercises will help to build the connection between upper body and lower body. Focus will be on strength & stability in & around the abdomen & spine.
    You can do more with a strong core!
    We encourage all levels to participate.

  • Announcement: Price Increase

    Dear Members,

    Please take note of the price increase w.e.f 1 November 2016.

    Existing $200/$110 punch card purchase from now on will strictly have a 6 months validity from the date of purchase.

    1Fiesta Management



  • STRONG by Zumba‚ĄĘ (NEW)




    Regular sessions :

    Every Monday from 26 Sep 2016
    8pm ‚Äď 9pm
    1Fiesta Golden Mile
    (Farah Fakar) 

    Every Tuesday from 27 Sep 2016
    8pm ‚Äď 9pm
    1Fiesta Jurong East
    (Sabrina Yazid)

    Walk in class at $15 per class or 1 punch


    Introducing Music-Led Interval Training


    Perfect For

    Fitness enthusiasts and students looking for a more challenging, high intensity interval training workout.

    How It Works

    With most workout programs, music is an afterthought. The music in STRONG by Zumba‚ĄĘ was crafted to drive the intensity in a challenging progression that provides a total body workout. The result? A group fitness experience like no other.


    Moving in sync with music makes you work harder. This class will push you past your plateaus to help you reach your fitness goals faster. Using your own body weight, you will gain muscular endurance, tone, and definition, and you will experience an increased afterburn.



  • Waterloo Centre: Studio A & B

    Hi all,

    Please note that Waterloo Centre have 2 studios, a big and a small studio.

    Studio A: The bigger studio on the right with 2 black door panels

    Studio B: The smaller studio on the left with 1 black door panel.

    Thank You!




    BODYCOMBAT Classes 

    Waterloo Centre (Studio B - small studio)

    Starting from 3rd October 2016 onwards

    Monday:¬†¬†¬† 8.15pm ‚Äď 9.15pm (Tomomi)
    Thursday:¬† 7.00pm ‚Äď 8.00 pm (Chris E)
    Saturday:¬† 11.15am ‚Äď 12.15pm (Tomomi)
    Sunday:¬†¬†¬†¬† 11.00am ‚Äď 12.00pm (Chris E)

    Classes at $15 or 1 punch.

    Step into a BODYCOMBAT workout and you‚Äôll punch and kick your way to fitness, burning up to 740 calories* along the way. This high-energy martial-arts inspired workout is totally non-contact and there are no complex moves to master. A LES MILLS‚ĄĘ instructor will challenge you to up the intensity and motivate you to make the most of every round. You‚Äôll release stress, have a blast and feel like a champ.








  • 12 Sep 2016: Hari Raya Haji Special Classes!

    12 Sep 10am at our 4 studios!!


    Waterloo: 90mins Zumba Fitness with Sabrina

    Tampines: 90mins Zumba Fitness with Gwen & Noora

    Jurong East: 120mins Special Class
    with Gerald & Kai

    Golden Mile: Strong by Zumba with Farah (60mins)

    RSVP here now!!

    Haji Special Classes1

  • New Term Zumba classes at Bukit Batok with Sabrina

    New Term starting at NS Home Team Bukit Batok with Sabrina

    (BB HTNS Package)


    Class Schedule

    Mondays 730pm-830m: Starting on 29 August 2016

    Wednesdays 7pm-8pm : Starting on 31 August 2016


    *** Note: As the Zumba Classes here are a collaboration with NS Home Team Bukit Batok, registration will have to be made by signing up at the Bukit Batok Club House Front Counter on the of the start of the new term only. Charges will also be different.

    Home Team NS Member: $80 (Term*)
    Safra or PA Member: $90 (Term*)
    Guest: $96 (Term*)
    *Term for Zumba Fitness is for 8 fixed lessons. Each Lesson is limited to 25 pax.


    Home Team NS JOM (Bukit Batok)

    2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7, Singapore 659003


    How to register?

    Please visit the Home Team NS website for course fee and payment mode. As it is a collaboration with Home Team NS, all registration will be taken care of by them.


  • Stopping of classes at Far East Studio

    Dear all,

    We regret to inform that Creation Studio @ Far East Shopping Centre has ceased operation with immediate effect.

    As a result of this, we will have no choice but to stop our Monday evening and Thursday evening classes there with immediate effect.

    We apologize for the sudden news and will continue to look out for new venue.

    Do share with us if you have any suitable studio. Thank you for your kind understanding.

  • New Fitness Classes with Wai Han

    Dear Members,

    We are super excited to have Wai Han launching Fitness classes with 1Fiesta! Wai han has 14 years of teaching experience at California Fitness. You can now get the chance to attend her classes at 1Fiesta starting from 1st Aug 2016.

    Tuesday 11am - 12 pm: ABT @ Waterloo
    Tuesday 12 - 1 pm: Pilates @ Waterloo
    Wednesday 11 am - 12 pm: ABT @ Tampines
    Thursday 8 - 9 pm: ABT @ Waterloo
    Friday 11 am - 12pm: Pilates @ Tampines
    Sunday 4.30 - 5.30 pm: ABT @ Waterloo

    Price: $12 per Class / 1 punch on 1fiesta Punch card.

    Join in her classes now!




  • New Class : Pop Pilates!

    POP Pilates¬ģ is¬†Pilates¬†like you've never seen before. It's an incredible fusion of ab-chiseling, total body defining moves choreographed to your favorite Top 40 hits!

    Don't miss out one of the very first Pop Pilates Classes in Singapore!

    Every Saturday ( starting 23/07)
    Time: 12 - 1 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Tampines
    Instructor: Yilin

  • Vesak Day 2016 Class Schedule

    Dear Members,

    Please note that most of our classes will be going on as per normal except for the following classes which will be cancelled.

    Classes Cancelled:

    All FatBurn Extreme Classes in all locations.

    Zumba Toning and Zumba Fitness Classes at 9.30 am and 10.45 am at Golden Mile Complex

    Zumba Fitness Class at 5 - 6 pm at Jurong East.


    There will also be some changes for the instructor for the following classes:

    Zumba Fitness Class with Jenny at 10 - 11 am at Jurong East will be changed to Toni.

    Zumba Fitness Class with Tomomi at 10:30 - 11:30 am at Waterloo Centre will be changed to Noora.


    All other classes will be as per normal.

    1Fiesta will like to wish all members a Happy Vesak Day Holiday!


  • FatBurn Extreme Trial Classes and Launch

    Dear Members,


    We are excited to bring you a whole new program called Fatburn Extreme!!! FatBurn Extreme is a short 30 min workout, created based on the latest science research that has proven to fat burn effectively.

    We are launching a series of trial classes for you to try it out. The classes will then be officially launched as a package as we would like you to commit to the program so that you can get the maximum result. Do note that if you sign up for a particular class, like Monday 6.30 - 7 pm at Tampines, you can only attend that class. If you would like to attend the Wednesday 8.30 - 9 pm class, you will have to get another package. Due to the limited slots, we are unable to do make-up sessions if you missed one.

    Price: $60 for 6 + 1 free session.
    ( Minimum 10 pax to start a class. Payment can be paid to any 1Fiesta Instructors. Payment has to be made in advance so that we can gather the number of people to see if we do get the minimum number of pax before the starting date. Cash only)


    Dates for Free Trial classes.

    Sat. 23rd Apr 2016

    Jurong East 11 - 11:30 am: Jenny
    Golden Mile Complex 12 - 12:30 pm: Gerald and Kai
    Tampines: 2 - 2:30 pm: JJ Poh


    Monday, 25th Apr 2016

    Tampines 6.30 - 7 pm: Jenny
    Waterloo 6.45 - 7.15 pm: JJ Poh

    Wednesday, 27th Apr 2016

    Tampines 8.30 - 9 pm: Gerald
    Jurong East 8:30 - 9 pm: Kai

    Thurs, 28th Apr 2016

    Waterloo 6:30 - 7 pm: Kai
    Golden Mile Complex 8 - 8.30 pm: JJ Poh


    Please kindly RSVP for a slot in the Free Trial Classes on our website.



    Dates and Time for the Packaged Classes


    7, 14, 28 May 2016   (20th - no class due to long weekend)
    4, 11, 18, 25th June 2016

    Jurong East 11 - 11:30 am: Jenny
    Golden Mile Complex 12 - 12:30 pm: Gerald and Kai
    Tampines 2:30 - 3 pm: JJ Poh


    9, 16, 23, 30 May 2016
    6, 13, 20 June 2016

    Tampines 6.30 - 7 pm: Jenny
    Waterloo 6.45 - 7.15 pm: JJ Poh
    Golden Mile Complex 8 - 8:30 pm: JJ Poh
    Jurong East 8:30 - 9 pm: Gerald & Kai


    11, 18, 25 May 2016
    1, 8, 15, 22 June 2016

    Tampines 8.30 - 9 pm: Gerald


    12, 19, 26 May 2016
    2, 9, 16, 23 June 2016

    Waterloo 6:30 - 7 pm: Kai


    Let's work it! Oggy Oggy Oggy, Burn Burn Burn!!!

  • New Fitness Classes, New Updates

    Dear Members,

    We bring exciting new classes and new locations to you to help you to achieve your fitness goals!!!

    New Location:

    We will be having classes at Far East Shopping Centre,  #05-11, Creation Studio!!! Now, you can shop, eat and Zumba at Orchard Road!

    Every Monday evening 7.30 - 8.30 pm
    Zumba Fitness with Eugene

    Every Thursday evening 7.30 - 8.30 pm
    Zumba Fitness with Syazniza

    New Classes:

    ABT with JJ Poh
    Every Thursday evening 8 - 9pm
    @ 1Fiesta Golden Mile Complex
    ( Started since Jan 2016)

    Piloxing with Lilian
    Every Monday evening, 8 - 9 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Tampines
    ( starting on 22nd Feb 2016 )

    Zumba Circuit with Jenny
    Every Saturday morning, 11 am - 12 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Jurong East
    ( Starting on 5th March)

    Piloxing with Farah
    Every Sunday Morning, 11 am - 12 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Jurong East
    ( Starting 13 March )

    New Intake for packaged classes

    Boot Camp Class
    Every Monday evening 8 - 9 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Golden Mile Complex
    8 Sessions @ $80
    Instructor: JJ Poh
    Min 10 pax to start
    Starting Date: 7 March 2016
    End Date: 25th Apr 2016

    In this Boot Camp Class, JJ will design different exercises each week to challenge your body different, to stimulate your body to burn more fats and lose weight more efficiently! There will be a weigh in and body analysis at the beginning of the session and at the end of the 8 sessions. Some advise on diet and nutrition will given to the participants as well. One hardworking participant who loses the most weight will win a 10 sessions 1Fiesta Punch card, worth $110!

    *note: we will need a min 10 pax to start the class. Please make the payment in advance to book your slot. Cash payment only please. If the min participant rate was not achieve, a refund will be made.

    Zumba Fitness with Sabrina @ Bukit Batok Home Team NS

    Every Monday 7.30 - 8.30 pm
    ( Starting 27 Feb)

    Every Wednesday 7 - 8 pm
    ( Starting 2nd March)

    Each term of 8 sessions is $96 for non-member, $80 for HTNS members, $90 for Safra or PA members.

    Separate Registration for Monday and Wednesday sessions. Registration is to be made in advance, through Home Team NS Bukit Batok.

    Aqua Zumba with Syazlina
    Every Tuesday evening 7.30 - 8.30 pm
    @ Tampines Swimming Complex
    (Starting 16 Feb )

    Aqua Zumba with Jean
    Every Saturday morning 9 - 10 am
    @ Tampines Swimming Complex
    (Starting 27 Feb)

    Aqua Zumba @ Tampines Swimming Complex are under ActiveSg. Please kindly Register via Activesg. ( https://www.myactivesg.com ). Course fee is $96 for 8 sessions. 30% of the course fee can be offset by your Activesg credit if you have any. Entrance fee to the swimming pool is not included in the course fee.

    Aqua Zumba at SRC in March 2016!!
    Day/Time: Wednesday 7-8pm
    Date: March 2, 9, 16 & 23
    Venue: Singapore Recreation Club at B Connaught Drive (opposite City Hall)
    Fee: S$59.92 for SRC member
    S$70.62 for non-member
    Interested party please email:

    With so many fun-filled activities, Our team of 1Fiesta instructors would like to wish you a healthy, wealthy and happy year ahead! Huat ah!!!


    Team 1Fiesta

  • New Class – Piloxing Knockout

    Hey people,


    Want to push your limit and burn more calories? With a combination of Pilates, Boxing and high-intensity Plyometrics & Functional training, this Piloxing knockout class will put your fats on fire! Burn it!

    Every Sunday, 11 am - 12 pm
    Waterloo Center

    Are you ready for the challenge?

  • Deepavali Special Classes

    Come and celebrate Deepavali with us!

    Start your day partying! Join us at our 1Fiesta studios for a 90 mins fun Zumba Party!

    10 Nov, Tue
    10 - 11:30 AM

    Golden Mile - Zumba Fitness with Gerald
    Waterloo - Zumba Fitness with Jean
    Jurong East - Zumba Fitness with Kai
    Tampines - Zumba Fitness with Elisa

    Price: $18 / 1 punch + $6

  • Halloween Zumba Party 2015

    It's going to be a scary scary Halloween 2015 @ 1Fiesta!

    Come and join the following Halloween parties and get dressed to scare and ready be to be scared!


    25 Oct Mon
    Jurong East

    Zumba toning with Kai @ 6.30 - 7.30 pm

    Zumba Fitness with Gerald @ 7.30 - 8.30 pm


    Zumba Fitness with Jenny @  7 - 8.30 pm


    26 Oct Tue

    Golden Mile Complex

    - Zumba Fitness with Gerald @ 7.15 - 8.45 pm

    30 Oct Fri


    - Zumba Fitness  with Sabrina & Lilian @ 7.30 - 9 pm

  • New Zumba Toning Class at Jurong East

    Members in west,


    We are now brining you another Zumba Toning Class at Jurong East in the Morning!

    When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba Toning raises the bar (or rather, the toning stick). It combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching, strength-training dance fitness-party. Students learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all their target zones, including arms, abs, glutes and thighs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way for enthusiasts to sculpt their bodies naturally while having a total blast.

    Every Friday morning, 10 - 11 am

    Instructor: Kai


    See you there!

  • New Zumba, Piloxing Classes and 1Fiesta Weight loss challenge

    Dear members,

    Thank you for your kind support and we are excited to bring more fitness classes to you! We will also be having a special Boot Camp Weight Loss Challenge and stand a chance to win a 20 Sessions 1Fiesta Punch Card.


    Class: Zumba Gold
    Every Monday 10 - 11 am,
    @ 1Fiesta Jurong East
    Instructor: Syazniza ( Junior )
    Starting on 14 Sep 2015

    Zumba Gold Classes are perfect for active older adults who are looking for a modified Zumba¬ģ class that recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity. The design of the class introduces easy-to-follow Zumba¬ģ choreography that focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination.

    Class: Piloxing
    Every Friday 6.30 - 7.30 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Waterloo
    Instructor: Lilian
    Starting on 18 Sep 2015

    Class: Piloxing
    Every Friday 7.45 - 8.45 pm
    @ 1Fiesta Jurong East
    Instructor: Farah
    Starting on 18 Sep 2015

    Piloxing is a non-stop, cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limit for a sleek, sexy and powerful you!

    Class: Aqua Zumba
    Tuesdays  7.30 - 8.30 pm   ( 15 Sep - 3 Nov)
    Instructor: Syazlina
    @ Tampines Swimming Complex
    8 Sessions @ $96
    Register via ActiveSg

    Class: Aqua Zumba
    Saturday   ( 17 Nov - 5 Dec )
    Instructor: Jean
    @ Tampines Swimming Complex
    8 Sessions @ $96
    Register via ActiveSg


    Aqua Zumba¬ģ blends the Zumba¬ģ philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you shouldn‚Äôt miss!There is less impact on your joints during an Aqua Zumba¬ģ class so you can really let loose. Water creates natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps tone your muscles.

    Class: Zumba Toning
    Every Friday  10 am - 11 am
    @ 1Fiesta Jurong East
    Instructor: Kai
    Starting on 8 October 2015

    In Zumba Toning, participants will use a pair of weighted toning sticks to tone and shape the targeted area including the arms, abs, glutes and thigh. It’s the perfect way to sculpt the body while having a blast!

    Boot Camp Weight Loss Challenge

    1Fiesta will be having a Boot Camp Weight Loss Challenge! It is a 8 weeks program where you will have to attend a Boot Camp session each week. Of course, you are also encouraged to attend more fitness classes on other days of the week. There will be a weigh in and a simple body analysis session being done on the 1st, 4th and 8th session to track your progress. The person who loses the most weight at the end of the 8 weeks will win a 20 sessions 1Fiesta Punch Card worth $200!

    In the Boot Camp, you will be working and stimulating your body with different exercises each week! You can find out more about it on our website. ( Link as follows - https://1fiesta.com.sg/forums/zumba-forum-group1/zumba-classes-forum5/boot-camp-weight-loss-challenge-win-a-20-session-punch-card-thread114/ ).

    Book your spot in the Boot Camp Class now! Cash payment can be made to any 1Fiesta Instructors at any of 1Fiesta Studios. Payment for all 8 sessions will have to be made in advance and there is no refund for any missed lessons. Please note that we will need a minimum of 10 participants before we will start this class and we will only be able to take up to a maximum of 25 pax. Walk-in will only be allowed if we do not hit the full capacity of 25 pax, but do note that only members who registered for the full 8 weeks course will be eligible for the contest to win the 20 sessions punch card.

    Class: Boot Camp
    Every Monday 8 - 9 pm  ( 5th Oct - 23rd Nov )
    @ 1Fiesta Golden Mile Complex
    Instructor: JJ Poh
    8 Sessions @ $80

    Min number of participants to start: 10 pax
    Max Capacity: 25 pax


    Have fun in the classes with 1Fiesta! May you stay healthy, wealthy and happy.

    Warmest Regards,
    Team 1Fiesta
    Making Fitness Fun

  • Aqua Zumba @ Tampines on Tuesday evening

    Dear Members in the East,


    Due to the popular demand, we are now going to open another Aqua Zumba Class at Tampines Swimming Complex! Come and experience the benefit of working out in the water. The exercises will be of low impact on the joints, great for more senior adults, pregnant ladies and people recovering from injuries. But the workout intensity will be just as high!

    Every Tuesday evening, 7.30 - 8.30 pm

    $96 for 8 sessions.

    Sep 15, 22, 29
    Oct 6, 13, 20, 27
    Nov 3

    As this Aqua Zumba Program is a collaboration with Sports Singapore, you may use your ActiveSg credit to pay up to 30% of the course fee.

    Sign up now via the ActiveSg website.


  • Zumba Fitness @ Health & You 2015

    Dear members,

    We are back at Health & You 2015! We will be the Zumba Instructors for this event. It is free for everyone to join in. This year we are going to do 4 sessions!!!

    Date: 11th & 12th July 2015

    Time: 10:30 - 11:30 am
    1:30 - 2:30 pm

    Venue: Suntec, Hall 404 - 406


    See you there!


    Health & You_kids talent st3761

  • Aqua Zumba at Tampines

    Dear Members,


    Are you ready to dance in the water???

    1Fiesta is now collaborating with Sports Singapore to bring Aqua Zumba to Tampines!

    Every Sat morning, 9 - 10 am.
    Tampines Swimming Complex

    Starting on 9th May 2015 (Next Saturday!!!)

    Price: $96 for 8 sessions.

    Sign up now through Activesg. All Singaporeans and PR will be given $100 worth of credits upon registration and the credit can be used to off set up to 30% of the course fee.

    Sign up for the Aqua Zumba now! Let's bring the dance party to the pool!!!



    Aqua Zumba Tampines.001

  • Fund Raising Zumba Classes for Nepal Earthquake Relief

    Dear Members,


    We have decided that all the proceeds from the Zumba classes at 1Fiesta on Labour Day Holiday (1st May 2015) will be donated to the Red Cross for the Nepal Earthquake Relief. Do come and support the classes.

    We have also set up donation boxes to help to collect funds for the Red Cross at all 1Fiesta Studios from now until 10th May. The money collected will be pass on the Red Cross.


    Labour Day Special Fund-Raising Classes ( 1st May 2015 )

    10 am - 11:30 am @ Waterloo: Zumba Fitness with Farah and sabrina
    10 am - 11:30 am @ Tampines: Zumba Fitness with Jenny Kee
    10 am - 12 pm @ Jurong East : Zumba Fitness with syaz Junior & Jaenny Chandra
    10.30 - 11:30 am @ Golden Mile: Zumba Fitness with Gerald
    11:30 am - 12 pm @ Golden Mile: Zumba Toning with kai (30 mins)

    Do RSVP for the classes on https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/


    See you there!

  • Brazilian Samba Workshop with Elisa Garcia

    Dear Members,


    Have you ever dream of dancing Samba like a Brazilian or just simply wish to learn more about Samba? Come and join Elisa for this 90 mins Brazilian Samba workshop!

    Event: Brazilian Samba Workshop
    Date: 18 Apr 2014, Sat
    Time: 2.30 - 4 pm
    Venue: 1Fiesta Waterloo
    Price: $20

    *limited to 30 pax only.

    You can make the payment to any 1Fiesta instructors to secure your slot!

    About the instructor:

    Elisa is originally from Uruguay, South America and has been dancing all her life. Brazilian samba is one of her passions and she has studied with Brazilian teachers both in Brazil and the U.S. Elisa has also performed with a samba troupe as well as taught workshops in the U.S. and Singapore. This workshop will focus on two styles of samba: samba no pe (samba on your feet) from Rio as well as samba reggae (more African influence) from the northeast of Brazil.


    Samba Workshop 2015.001



  • Free Aqua Zumba Session @ Tampines

    Dear Members,


    There will be a Free Aqua Zumba Session brought to you by 1Fiesta and Singapore Sports Council. This is part of the Active SG SEA Games Sports Festival. Come and join us and there are many many activities such as Archery, Cycling Clinic, etc.

    Date: 21 March 2015, Saturday

    Time: 2 - 7 pm  ( Aqua Zumba Will be at 6 - 7 pm )


    Do RSVP at https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/aqua-zumba-free/

    See you there!


    Free Aqua Zumba 2015 March

  • New Classes in the new year

    Dear members,


    We will be adding more classes for you to join! Come and workout after all the CNY goodies.


    Zumba Toning with Kai @ Jurong East

    Every Monday 6.30 - 7.30 pm, Starting on 2nd March 2014


    Zumba Toning with Sabrina @ Jurong East

    Every Thursday 7 - 8 pm, Starting on 5th March 2014


    Cardio Dance workout with Andee @ Waterloo

    Every Friday 6.30 - 7.30 pm, starting on 6th March 2014


    Let's workout!


  • Cancellation of Tuesday Zumba Toning Class with Gerald at Golden Mile Complex

    Dear members at Golden Mile Complex,


    Please note that the Zumba Toning Class with Gerald on Tuesday 8 - 9 pm has been cancelled from now until end of Feb 2015. Class will resume in 3rd March 2015.

    Have a happy CNY!



    Team 1Fiesta

  • Boot Camp @ Tampines with JJ Poh

    Dear members at Tampines,


    With the positive feedback from the trial class, we will be launching the boot camp class as a permanent class starting from 6th Feb 2015.


    Every Friday

    6.30 - 7.30 pm

    @ 1Fiesta Tampines


    Come and challenge your body in different way each week! See you there!



  • Boot Camp Trial Class at Tampines

    We are doing a TRIAL Class to see how you would like to get yourself in shape in this "Boot Camp" style class. But don't worry. This is not the army. We won't push you over the top, but just enough to help you see some results. Come and give this class a try and let us know how you like it and whether would you like to see this class permanently on our schedule.

    This trial class is just at a promotion price of $10!

    Date: 23rd Jan, Friday
    Time: 6.30 - 7.30 pm
    Venue: Tampines
  • Cardio Kickboxing relaunching at Tampines on Sundays.

    Hi People,


    We are re-launching the cardio kickboxing class at Tampines, but now it will be on Sundays.

    Every Sundays, starting from 5th Jan 2015

    Time: 11:45 am - 12.45 pm

    Venue: 1Fiesta Tampines, 505, Tampines ave 5, Tampines Swimming Complex, #01-02, Singapore 529652


    Have a great workout on Sunday Mornings!




  • Special Classes on X’mas day!!!

    Dear Members,


    We will have special 90 mins Zumba Fitness classes on X'mas day at the 4 1Fiesta Studios!!!

    Date: 25th Dec 2014

    Time: 10 - 11:30 am

    Waterloo Center - Zumba Fitness with Jenny and Jean  ($18 / 1 punch + $6)

    Golden Mile Complex - Zumba Fitness with ZJ Gerald ( $20 / 2 punch )

    Tampines - Zumba Fitness with Yilin and Syaz Junior  ($18 / 1 punch + $6)

    Jurong East - Zumba Fitness with Sabrina and Farah  ($18 / 1 punch + $6)


    Please note that ALL EVENING classes on X'mas eve and X'mas day ( 24th & 25th dec) will be cancelled. X'mas eve morning classes will be on as usual.

    Do look out for the schedule during New Year Day.

    Have a Merry X'mas!



    1Fiesta Team

  • We will Dance Fund Raising Dance Marathon

    Hi Everyone,

    We will be the Zumba Instructors at a charity event with NUS called "We will dance 2015". This is to raise funds for youths, students and children who require financial assistance for their education.

    It will be a 10 hours dance marathon. But you can choose different category and how long you want to dance. Tentatively, the Zumba Session will be at 10 am and 2 pm on that day. There are lots of other dances, like Hip Hop, Jazz and Kpop for you to try out during that day!

    The ticket price is stated as below, BUT as our members, YOU are getting a SPECIAL DISCOUNT. All you have to do is to key 1fiestawilldance in the Discount Code box during their registration before they check out to enjoy $10 off! Basically, its Early Bird prices but extended Registration is at www.wewilldance.sg.

    Please do spread the code, spread the word and get all your friends to challenge this dance marathon!!!


    We Will Dance 2015 (eDM)

  • New Studio at Jurong East

    Dear members,


    Great News!!! We are opening a new studio at Jurong East Central!!! If you are living or working in the West, you can now Zumba Every Single day!!!

    Our address is as Blk 131 Jurong Gateway Road, unit 03-257, Singapore 600131.

    It is right opposite Jurong East MRT, beside the Jurong East CPF Building, directly above the HSBC Bank.



    Do let us know how you find the schedule and also any other fitness classes that you would like to see at our studio.

    Do come and party with us there!

  • Zumba at Nex Serangoon

    Dear Zumba fans in the North East,


    We will be doing a Zumba Fitness Workout as part of the Nestle Singapore 30 Days Cholesterol Challenge Finale. Come and join us and Mediacorp Artiste Bryan Wong at this amazing event.

    Date: 22nd Nov 2014, Saturday

    Time: 2 pm - 3.15 pm

    Venue: Open Plaza at Nex Singapore

    Price: FREE!!!!


    See you there!




  • Cardio kickboxing Classes (***NEW)

    Dear Members,


    Due to the positive response of the kick boxing trial classes, we are going to make them weekly permanent classes!!! Come and join DeeNiz for an hour of cardio workout! Let's Kick and Punch to a fitter you!


    Every Saturday ( starting 1st Nov 2014 )

    09:30 - 10:30 am  @ Waterloo

    5.30 - 6.30 pm @ Tampines

    Instructor: DeeNiz

    Price: $12 / 1 punch card

  • PLUS! presents Zumba Fitness

    Dear members,


    Come and join the Zumba Fitness Event organized by NTUC PLUS!

    1Fiesta instructors will be leading the Zumba Gold and Zumba Fitness sessions!

    The Ticket price is only at $10!!! There will also be $60 worth of goodies bag!!! Don't miss out this exciting event!



    Date: 23 November 2014, Sunday
    Time: 8am
    Venue: Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza (Opposite Paragon Shopping Centre)
    8am Registration
    9am Warm Up
    930am Zumba GoldTM (Suitable for children and elderly)
    1030am Zumba FitnessTM (Suitable for all)
    1230pm Lucky Draw
    1pm End of Event
    Goodie Bag
    All participants (excluding children) will be receiving a goodie bag worth up to $60.



  • Classes on 5th Oct, Sunday

    Dear Members, 


    Please note that Classes at following locations will be cancelled.
    Golden Mile Complex
    Waterloo ( 5.30 pm)
    Other Classes carry on as per normal. 
    There will be a 90 mins Special class at Waterloo (10am - 11.30 am). Zumba Fitness with Farah and Jenny. 
    Come me and have fun with us during this holiday. 
    Team 1Fiesta
  • New ABT Class at Tampines

    Dear Members at Tampines,


    There will be a new ABT class at our 1Fiesta Tampines studio!!! ABT stands for Abs Butt Thigh which is the target area for this class. You will firm and tone up these areas through fun and interesting exercises. There will be hard work, but it will still be fun and definitely effective. You may also feel free to let me know your target area and I will see what are the exercises that we can do to target those zones.

    Every Friday, 6.30 - 7.30 pm

    Location: Tampines

    Instructor: Kai

    See you on Friday!




  • Zumba Classes at HTNS JOM (Balestier) now accepts Walk-in and 1Fiesta Punch Cards

    Dear Members,


    Great News! You can now do walk-in and even use 1Fiesta punch card for the Zumba Fitness classes at Home Team NS JOM (Balestier)! 

    Day: Every Thursdays

    Time: 7:30 pm - 8.30 pm

    Venue: Learning Center (Level 3), Home Team NS - JOM Balestier, 31 Ah Hood Road,  Singapore 329979

    Instructor: Sabrina Yazid 

  • Zumba with Prime Minister LHL

    Dear Members,

    To celebrate Yio Chu Kang 49th National Day Observance ceremony and Youth Sports Fiesta Challenge 2014, we will be having a free Zumba Fitness Party for everyone, on top of all the exciting events happening at YCK Stadium on that day! Come and join Zumba Jammer Gerald and Zumba Instructor Farah Fakar, as well as the Guest of Honor - PM Lee - for dance and fun!

    Date: 3rd Aug 2014, Sunday

    Time: 09:30 am - 10:30 am   ( actual workout duration may be shorter. )

    Venue: Yio Chu Kang Sports Stadium

    Instructors: Gerald / Farah

    Price: FREE !!!

  • Hari Raya Special Classes

    Dear Members,

    1Fiesta will like to wish everyone "Selamat Hari Raya"!!!!!!

    On this festive day, we are happy to present the following Hari Raya Special Classes to you!!

    Date: 28th July 2014, Monday

    Zumba Fitness with Farah
    Time: 10 am - 11:30 am
    Venue: Golden Mile Complex
    Price: $18 or 1 punch + $6
    Zumba Fitness with Faiz
    Time: 10 am - 11:30 am
    Venue: Waterloo Center
    Price: $18 or 1 punch + $6
    Zumba Fitness with Jenny and Jean
    Time: 10 am - 12 pm ( 2 hours)
     venue: Tampines
    Price: $20 or 2 punch


  • Bollywood Dance @ 1Fiesta Tampines

    Dear members,


    There will be a new program! Bollywood Dance for both kids ( 8 - 15 years old ) and adults! Come and learn how to dance like a Bollywood Star!!!

    The Class will be held on Saturdays. The class will be in form of progression. Hence, participants have to sign a package of 4 sessions. There has to be a minimum of 5 participants to start a class.

    Tentative Starting Date: 2nd Aug 2014

    Bollywood Dance (Kids) : 3.15 - 4.15 pm

    Bollywood Dance (Adult): 5.45 - 6.45 pm

    *note: timing may change if there is an overwhelming request to change.

    Instructor: Shabin

    His profile can be found here.

    If there is an existing class, new participants may join in the class as a trial for $20 per session. But please note that as the class is by progression, please don't feel stressed if there are some moves you cannot catch during the trial. You may find it easy if you join in from the start of the 4 sessions.

    There will be 2 trial Bollywood Dance (Adult) Class going on in July.

    Dates: 19 July and 26 July

    Time: 6.30 - 7.30 pm

    Price: $20

    Come and join Shabin and learn some new Bollywood dance moves.



  • New term at Balestier in July

    Dear members,

    The  registration for the next term for the Zumba Fitness Classes has opened. Please do register with Balestier home team NS! 

    Dates: Thursdays ( 10, 17, 24, 31 July)

    Time: 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

    Price: $45 for the 4 sessions ( non-HTNS member)

                 $40 for the 4 sessions ( HTNS members)

    Click HERE to visit Balestier HTNS Website for more information.

  • Free Zumba Fitness Classes at Orchard Ion

    Dear Zumba Lovers,

    Great News!!!! We are now presenting to you FREE Zumba Fitness Workout right outside Orchard ION ( outside Dior)! Let's Zumba and Watch the World Cup 2014!

    The Schedule is as follows. Do come and join us!

    Note: if it rains, the class may be shifted to basement 4 of ION.

    Please take note of the change of schedule. The new schedule is as below.

    ion 3

  • New Zumba Fitness Class

    Hey Zumba people,

    There will be a new Zumba Fitness class at Golden Mile Complex every Sunday 10:30 am - 11:30 am. Come and join Genieve, Toni and Elaine for an hour of fun workout.






  • Everest Avalanche Fund Raising Zumba Fitness party

    Dear Members,


    The April 18th avalanche on Mount Everest that took the lives of 16 Sherpas has spurred an outpouring tragedies for the families of the deceased. In remembrance of this tragedy, 1Fiesta is raising money to provide immediate aid and support for the families of the Sherpas killed in the recent avalanche on Everest. All funds on May 25 will be donated directly to the families of the deceased. Lets us hand in hand, help the communities in need and to those suffering in the wake of natural disasters.

    Come and join Everest Climber Kai, Genevie, Toni and Eliane for this fund raising event. There will also be a fund collection box available if you would like to contribute more.

    Date: 25th May 2014, Sunday

    Time: 10:30 am - 12 pm

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

    Cash only please.

    RSVP for the Class here.   https://1fiesta.com.sg/classes/everest-avalanche-fund-raising-zumba-fitness-party/


    Everest Fund Raising

  • Catch 1Fiesta on Channel 8

    Dear Members,

    If you are not going to Zumba Classes tonight, you can catch us on TV!!! Do watch the show!

    Channel 8 at 8 pm

    Date: 30-Apr-2014


    Vivian lai and Jeanette Aw

  • Fantastic One SG Zumb Party

    The One SG Zumba Party with ZES David Velez was fantastic!!! The energy level was over the roof!!! Singapore Zumba people, you rocked the place! 

    Do share your photos with us at the gallery! 




  • Change of Class Timing

    Dear Members at Tampines,

    Please note that there will be no more Zumba Fitness Class during lunch hours ( 12:30 pm - 13:30 pm) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those classes will be changed to the following timings.

    Every Tues 09:30 am - 10:30 am : Zumba Fitness with Elisa

    Every Thurs 10 am - 11 am : Zumba Fitness with Syazniza

    The change will start on 1st Apr 2014.

    Do come and join their classes in the morning and have a great day ahead!


  • Free Zumba Party @ Courts 40th Anniversary

    Dear Zumba Lovers,

    There will be a Zumba Party at the Courts 40th Anniversary celebration! It will be free for all to join in. Let's grab your friends and family to party and get fit together! There will also be lots of good discounts waiting for you at Courts! Good time to shop as well! 

    Date: 23rd March 2014, Sunday
    Time: 8 am - 9 am
    Venue: Courts Megastore @ Tampines

    See you there !


  • One SG Zumba Party

    Dear Zumba Lovers,


    There will be a One Sg Zumba party! The main presenter will be non other than ZES David Velez!!! Zumba Jammer Candidates Gerald Tay and Gina Parodi will be there to do a few tracks as well. Don't miss the Zumba party of the year! 

    Date: 21 March 2014, Friday

    Time: 7:30 - 9 pm

    Venue: Scape

    Price: $35

    Tickets can be bought at 1Fiesta Golden Mile Complex, 1Fiesta Waterloo and 1Fiesta Tampines.


    one ag

  • New Class in Bishan and Ladies only classes

    Dear Members,


    There will be a new Zumba Fitness class at Bishan!!! 

    Every Friday, 09:30 am - 10:30 am, Zumba Fitness with Jenny and Jaenny.

    Please note that Bishan every tuesday, 12:30 pm - 13:30 pm Zumba Fitness Class will be cancelled.


    There will also be some changes to the current classes to become Ladies Only classes! The classes are as follows.

    Every Thurs @ Waterloo - 10 am Zumba Fitness with Jenny
    Every Fri @ Tampines - 10 am Zumba Fitness with Kerry
    Every Fri @ Tampines - 7.30pm Zumba Fitness w Syza &Gen
  • Dance Fest 2014 @ Jurong East

    Dear Dance Enthusiast,

    We are honored to assist Singapore Sports Council to conduct the Zumba Fitness section of this Dance Fest 2014! Come and join 1Fiesta Zumba Instructors and other dance instructors for a day of dance!

    Date: 2nd March 2014, Sunday
    Time: 9 am - 9 pm
    Venue: Jurong East Sports and Cultural Centre, 21 Jurong East St 31, Singapore 609517
    Ticket: $2 per person

    Folk Dance starts at 9 am
    Line Dance starts at 3 pm
    Zumba Fitness starts at 7 pm

    See you there!


    JG DanceFest Banner

  • Rainbow Connection Zumba Party


    Join Team 1Fiesta for 2 hrs of "Rainbow Connection" Zumba¬ģ Fitness Fun at Changi Airport Recreation Club (CARC) Badminton Hall... S25 pre sales and $30 at door...

    This is our 4th year collaborating with CARC... How time flies... So Let's Party!!!!! 

    Ticket will be available at all 1Fiesta Studios...

    Date: 7 March 2014

    Time: 7.15 pm - 9.15 pm

    Price: $25 (Advance) / $30 ( At Door)

     Click here for direction on how to get to CARC in Terminal 2.



  • Classes During CNY

    Dear members,

    These are the classes available during the CNY period... 1Fiesta wishes everyone GONG XI FA CAI! Horse Year HUAT Ah!!!

    30 Jan 2014

    Waterloo 10am

    31 Jan 2014

    No Classes at all locations

    1 Feb

    Golden Mile 0930am -1130am 

    Tampines 10am and 11am

    2 Feb

    Golden Mile 10am ‚Äď 12pm

  • Hatha Yoga Class is Starting again!

    Dear Yoga Lovers,


    The Hatha Yoga Class is Back! Come and join Melissa for some balancing and strengthening asanas (postures) and get your life back in balance. Class starting on 20th Jan 2014.

    Every Monday

    Time: 20:30 pm - 21:30 pm

    Venue: Tampines Swimming Complex, #01-02





  • Have a Zumbalicious 2014!!!

    Dear Members,


    1Fiesta Instructors would like to wish everyone a wonderful 2014 ahead! Let's keep the Zumba Parties going! Let's get fit, get healthy!


    Also, share your 2014 resolutions at our forum! Tell the whole world your resolution and let's be each other's resolution police, reminding and encouraging each and everyone of us to keep on track! 


    Happy New Year! 


  • Zumba Fitness Parties during New Year Day!

    Happy New Year!!!!

    Come and start your 2014 with Zumba Fitness Party!!!

    Move to the music and just have fun!

    Let's party yourself in shape and good health! :)

    31 Dec 2013, New Year Eve

    Zumba Fitness party with Gerald
    Time: 10 - 11 am
    Location: Waterloo

    1st Jan 2014, New Year Day

    Zumba Fitness Party with Gonzaga
    Time: 10 - 11 am
    Location: Waterloo

    Zumba Fitness Party with Jenny
    Time: 10 - 11 am
    Location: Tampines




  • Zumba parties during Xmas holiday

    Dear members,

    Due to overwhelming request to continue our Zumba parties to help to burn off the fats input over the festive feasting season, we are going to have the following Zumba Xmas special parties.

    24 dec (tues)

    Candy Christmas Zumba party with Gerald
    Golden Mile Complex
    7.15 - 8.45 pm

    Zumba Xmas eve party with Yilin
    7.45 - 8.45 pm

    25 dec ( wed )

    Zumba Xmas special party with Gonzaga
    10 am - 11 am

    Zumba Xmas special party with Jenny
    10 am - 11 am

    Let's party and make merry!

  • Candy X’mas Zumba Party

    Dear Members,


    No special programs on Christmas eve? Don't feel like squeezing with the crowd everywhere else in Singapore? Come and join Gerald on his Candy Christmas Zumba Fitness party!!! Dress yourself in the red and green festive colors! Have fun, go crazy with us on this X'mas eve! 


    Date: 24th Dec 2013, Tuesday ( Christmas Eve! )

    Time: 7 pm - 8.30 pm

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex

    Instructor: Gerald

    Price: $18 or 1 punch card + $6




  • Announcement – Change of timing for Friday Zumba Fitness class at Golden Mile

    Dear Members,


    Please note that since we have decided to cancel the Trim and Tone Class, we are now shifting the Zumba Fitness Class to 7.30 pm starting from this friday, 13 Dec 2013! Come and join Gwen and Farah for an hour of fun workout! 


    Class: Zumba Fitness

    Dates: Every Friday (starting from 13 Dec 2013)

    Time: 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

    Instructor: Gwen and Farah

  • No More Trim and Tone Class

    Dear Members,


    There will be no more trim and tone class at Golden Mile Complex on fridays starting from 13 Dec 2013. You can get your workout by attending the Zumba fitness Class! Don't miss out the fun! 




  • $3500 Raised for Philippines Typhoon Relief

    Dear Members,


    Thank you for your generous support.

    Together, we have raised a total of $3500!!! The donations have been passed to the Red Cross, specifying it is for the Haiyan Relief fund.

    Once again, Thank you!   =)


    Philippines fund raising

  • No Hatha Yoga until the end of the year

    Dear Members,


    The Hatha Yoga Class at Tampines will be temporary stopped until the end of the year. We will resume the Hatha Yoga Class, but there is a chance we may change the timing... Do keep a lookout for 2014.





  • Fund Raising Party for Philippines Typhoon Relief

    Dear Members,


    Let's Zumba for a good cause! Come and support our fund raising event for the Philippines Typhoon Relief. 100% of the proceed raised that day will be going to the Red Cross Philippines. Prepayment for the party is encouraged to prevent over crowding. Limited to 80 pax. 

    We will also be putting up donation box at all of our studios for those people who cannot make it for the event or just want to contribute more but lazy to donate directly to the red cross.


    Date: 1st Dec 2013, Sunday

    Time: 10 am - 12 pm ( 2 hours)

    Ticket price: $20


    See you on Sunday!




  • New Class – Hatha Yoga

    Dear Members,


    Great News! We are now bringing Hatha Yoga to 1Fiesta! Come and Join Melissa Mak for an hour of Hatha Yoga.

    Trained by one of the largest yoga groups worldwide Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, Melissa practises hatha yoga. She believes in the use of yoga asanas (postures), where physical control is exercised and this enhances an individual‚Äôs mental control over themselves.¬†Through balancing and strengthening asanas (postures), the individual learns to breath better ‚Äď unleashing prana (vital energy) and relaxation. This brings much needed relief to the hectic office worker‚Äôs life and the weekend warrior‚Äôs muscular tightness.¬†


    When: Sundays ( Starting from 20th Oct)

    Time: 11:45 am ‚Äď 12:45 pm

    Location: 1Fiesta @ Tampines.

    Price: $12 cash / 1 punch card


    About Melissa

    Born and bred in Singapore, Melissa Mak’s yoga journey started in 2007, when her good friend dragged her to her first yoga class. She thought she was off to a good ole nap on a rubber mat. Fast forward 6 years later, Melissa has encountered the many physical and mental benefits of yoga, such as peace of mind and overall fitness.



    As newly minted Yoga Siromani (teacher) through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Kerala, Melissa is interested in helping athletes gain an extra edge in strength, flexibility and balance through yoga. She is a former triathlete and urban racer, who understands the necessary asanas to help an athlete become better at their sport.

    Melissa is a believer in evidence-based yoga and co-founded The Scientific Yogi, with her mates who want to use science to demystify yoga’s benefits. She contributes to MindBodyGreen.com and InTheLoop . She holds 2 Science degrees in Statistics and Psychology from the National University of Singapore and University of Western Australia.

    Currently, Melissa coaches at Ngee Ann Polytechnic as an Associate Sports Lecturer (Yoga). She also gives private yoga lessons to corporates and individuals looking to gain health and balance in their lives.

  • Zumba Party @ Gardens by the Bay!

    Hey 1Fiesta members,


    Thank you for your support to make the Zumba Party @ the Gardens such a blast! 

    Here are some of the actions for the free Zumba Party we had at Gardens by the Bay in July 2013. 







  • New Hip Hop Class with Latifa

    Dear Hip Hop Dance lovers,


    1Fiesta is now bringing Hip Hop to the town! Come and join Latifa's Hip Hop Dance class! We will be running 2 trial sessions. If you guys love her, we will continue with the class. Below is a short description of her.

    "My name's Latifa and I'm from Manchester, UK. I've been dancing since I was 10, and I've specialised in hip hop for 4 years. My styles include street, lyrical and street jazz. I've been teaching in the Factory Youth Zone Manchester where I taught choreography infused with street and MTV dance styles. I've also been featured in a local Manchester artist's music video as a back up dancer. My dance classes are fun-filled with dance moves inspires by Beyonce, J Lo and Usher. So be sure to sign up and you'll work a sweat and have a blast."

    Dates: 22nd & 29th Jul 2013, (Mondays)

    Time: 8 - 9 pm

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

    Price: $12 or Punch cards




  • Flava Brazil with Enrique Salomao

    Calling all Brazilian Dance Lovers,


    This will be the first time Enrique Salomao will be doing a Brazilian Dance Flava in Singapore, at 1Fiesta Golden Mile Complex!!! Come and learn some Brazilian Dance from him! The following day, he will be having at Zumba Fitness Master Class at Ang Mo Kio CC! 

  • New Friday Evening Zumba Class @ Bishan

    Dear Zumba Lovers @ Bishan,


    There is now one more evening class that you can enjoy the Zumba Fitness Workout! Come and join Jenny for an hour of fun Zumba Fitness Party! Party Yourself into Shape! 


    Date: Every Friday starting from 28th June 2013

    Time: 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm

    Venue: Dance Studio @ Bishan Sports Hall

    Instructor: Jenny Kee

  • 90 Mins Special Zumba Party with Gerald

    Dear Zumba Fans,


    To celebrate the brief break from the Hazy Singapore, we are now doing a 90 mins Special Zumba Fitness party with Gerald. Come and get your weekly fix of exercise while the air is still clean and fresh! 

    When: Tuesday, 25th June 2013

    Time: 7 pm - 8.30 pm

    Venue: 1Fiesta @ Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

    Price: $18 ( no punch cards) 





  • First Zumba Fitness Class at Woodlands

    Hey Zumba lovers in the North,


    For those who came and join the Syaz sisters for the great fun time last Saturday, thank you for your support. Hope that you will continue to come and enjoy this class as this class is for you! For all of you residents in Woodlands, Admiralty and Yishun.

    Hope to see you in this picture next time!


    First Zumba Fitness Class at Woodlands Stadium

  • ***New Zumba Class at Woodlands Stadium (SSC)

    Dear Zumba Lovers in the North,


    Once again, we are now bringing Zumba Fitness closer to your home! We will be having a Zumba Fitness class at Woodlands Sports Stadium starting from 8 June 2013!   So residents in Woodlands and Marsiling, come and join the Syaz Sisters for an hour of fun and workout! Let's get healthy! Party yourself into shape! 


    Date: Every Saturday 

    Time: 10 am - 11 am

    Venue: Dance Studio @ Woodlands Stadium, 

                    Centre Stadium Basement

                    1 Woodlands St 13, Singapore 738597


    See you there!




  • No More Bokwa on Wed morning at Waterloo

    Dear Zumba Lovers,


    We guess you are still more in love with Zumba Fitness than Bokwa Fitness. Hence, we have decided to stop the Bowka Class on Wed morning.


    Do let us know your feedback and if there is any fitness classes that you would like us to add, do let us know. 




  • Lunch Time Zumba Class at Bishan

    Dear Members,


    1Fiesta is starting 1 more class at Bishan and it will be a lunch time class! Now, if you are working around the area, you can choose to do your workout in the afternoon, utilizing your lunch time to slim down and get fit. It will be on every Tuesday starting from 4 June 2013.


    Starting Date: 4 June 2013, Tuesday

    Time: 12.15 pm - 1.15 pm

    Venue: Bishan Sports Hall, Dance Studio, 5 Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579783

    Instructor: Kerry

  • Mass Zumba Workout at DownTown East

    Dear Zumba Lovers,


    1Fiesta had such a blast conducting a mass Zumba Fitness workout for more than 500 participants at Downtown East, Pasir Ris last Saturday, 25th May 2013 at NTUC May Day Family Fiesta. Joining the workout are NTUC President Diana Chia, NTUC Secretary-General Lim Swee Say and other Central Committee members. Do submit photos to us if you have any.






  • Find a Zumba Fitness Class near you

    Hey 1fiesta Members,


    Want to find a Zumba Fitness Class near to your work place or your house? Come and try our Zumba classes at the following locations in Singapore. If you do know of any dance studio near your place available for rental, do PM us and we could possibly arrange to set up classes there.  =) 


    Singapore City Center

    - Waterloo Center (2 mins walk from Bras Basah MRT, 8 mins walk from Bugis MRT, 10 mins walk from City Hall MRT, 12 mins walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT)  

    - Golden Mile Complex ( 5 mins walk from Nicholl Highway MRT station, 10 mins walk from Lavendar MRT)

    East Singapore

    - Tampines Swimming Pool (8 mins walk from Tampines MRT)

    - Changi Airport @ CARC, Terminal 2

    North Singapore

    - Yio Chu Kang Grass Root Club ( 3 mins walk from Yio Chu Kang MRT)

    - Bishan Sports Hall  ( 5 mins walk from Bishan MRT)

    West Singapore

    - Clementi Swimming Pool ( 5 mins walk from Clementi MRT)

    - Bukit Batok Home Team NS ( 10 mins walk from Bukit Gombak MRT)


    Click on each location to view the class schedule there. 

    We hope to bring the fun and effective Zumba Fitness workout closer to you.   =)




  • Vesak Day Special: Crazy Color Zumba Fitness Party

    Hey Hey,


    Wondering what to do at Vesak Day? Want to get a good workout and have great fun at the same time? Come and join the Double G for 2 hours of crazy party!!!


    Date: 24th may 2013, Friday

    Time: 09:30 am - 11:30 am (2 hours)

    Venue: 1Fiesta @ Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

    Instructors: Gerald and Gonzaga

    Price: $20

  • Success at Go Red For Women Symposium 2013

    Dear Members,


    I hope that you get attend the Go Red for Women Symposium 2013 organized by the Singapore Hearts Foundation. The symposium is a great success and the attendees had great fun with us during the half hour Zumba Fitness Session at the end of each session. 

    Listening to the Lecturer for tips on hearts disease prevention


    Kerry leading the crowd


    The crowd having fun

    Some audience came prepared to Zumba with us!


  • Black and White Party

    Dear Zumba Party Goers,


    1Fiesta and CARC will be bringing this Black and White Zumba Fitness party to you! Come and join your favorite 1Fiesta Instructors for this 2 hours workout party at Changi Airport!


    Date: 10 May 2013, Friday

    Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm  (2 hours)

    Venue: Changi Airport Recreation Club  (Click Here for Directions)

    Ticket price: $25 (Advance) / $30 ( at door)


  • Labour Day Special Classes – Hi Lo, Boot Camp, Kickboxing

    Dear Fitness Fanatics,


    It is Labour Day!!! So come and labour and work it out!!! Join Ghani, Shannon and JJ for this 2 hours workout!!!


    Date: 1 May 2013, Wed

    09:30 - 10:10 am: Hi Lo by Ghani

    10:10 - 10:50 am: Boot Camp by Shannon

    10:50 - 11:30 am: Kickboxing by JJ

    Price: $20 for all 3 sessions

                  $10 for 1 session only

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16. 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588 


    Hi Lo is a high and low intensity aerobics workout. It is sure to get your heart pumping.

    Boot camp is a strength training and body condition. It will definitely help to tone and trim your body.

    Finally, end of the session by kicking and punching away all your life frustration!

    Don't miss out this special programs brought to you by 1Fiesta.




  • No Class at Bishan on 1 May, Labour Day

    Dear Zumba lovers in the north,


    Please kindly note that there is no Zumba Class at Bishan on 1st May 2013, Wednesday, due to Labour day public holiday. If you would still like to get a good workout, please do come and join our Labour Day Special Class at Golden Mile Complex for 2 hours of workout from 09.30 am - 11.30 pm or join the Zumba Party with Gonzaga at Waterloo Center.

  • The Fiesta Weight Loss Challenge

     Hey Hey,


    Want to challenge yourself to a more disciplined and stricter weight loss program? Want to learn more about how to plan your diet to help you to achieve your target? If your answer is "Yes",  come and join Shannon and Kerry in this Fiesta Weight Loss Challenge!!!


    What date does it start?

    Thursday 18th April at 11am or Friday 19th April at 7pm…. Depending on which you can attend.

     How long does the weight loss challenge last?

    8 weeks

    How much does it cost?


     What is included in this cost?

    Weekly weigh in and measurements, 8 group training sessions, log book, before and after photos, 2 workshops, discount on punch cards, 2 hour Zumba party at end of the challenge and last but not least, continuous support and encouragement from the whole group!


    What am I expected to do during the challenge?

    You will be required to attend the group training session once a week as this will be when we do the weigh ins and take your measurements. We also ask that you complete the log book daily on what you eat and any exercise you may have done that day, this will enable us to see where it is working or going wrong for you. We also ask that you attend at least one or two Zumba classes a week on top of the group session.


    When will the Group Training Sessions take place?

    Every Thursday at 11am at Waterloo or Friday at 7pm at Golden Mile.


    Can I start the challenge after its already started?



     What if I miss or cant make a session?

    If you know you will not be able to make a session then please contact as soon as possible and we can arrange to take your weight and measurement at another time. Unfortunately we will be unable to re-conduct the Group Training Session that you missed. If its just a case that you are unable to attend your usual Group Session but can attend the other then we will allow you to join the other session. You are welcome to attend both sessions but you will be required to pay for the 2nd session.


    What is the discount on Punch cards?

    As a member of the Weight Loss Challenge you will be able to purchase our 20 punch card at the price of S$180 (UP of S$200) you will be able to use this in any of our classes at Waterloo, Golden Mile, Tampines, Bishan, Clementi or Yio Chu Kang. If you purchase the card at a discount you will be unable to share this one with friends or family.


    Is the weigh in public?

    No. We will take you aside one at a time to do your weigh in and take measurements.


    Will my details be kept private?

    Yes! We will not share any details about your weight or size unless you wish us to.


    Who is running this programme?

    Shannon Lupian & Kerry Staynings


  • *New Zumba Circuit Class at Golden Mile Complex

    Dear Members,


    We are opening another Class for you! It is a Zumba Circuit Class. Zumba Circuit is basically a Circuit training. You will dance for 1 minute. Then go to a station to do a particular exercise for 1 minute, then go back to dance for another minute, then go to another station to do another exercise for 1 minute and so on. There will usually be 5 to 6 stations and each station will work on a different muscle group. It is an effective program to tone your body and lose some weight!

    Day: Mondays ( Starting from 15th April 2013)

    Time: 8 - 9 pm

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16


  • What Every Women Needs to Know

    Dear Female Members,


    1Fiesta is proud to help the Singapore Hearts Foundation to present to you this Health Talk - Heart Disease in Women: How to Detect and Prevent. Unknown to many, Heart Disease and Stroke are actually the number 1 killer in Singapore. Come and join this symposium organized by Singapore Heart Foundation to learn about this number 1 killer and how to protect you and your love ones from it. 

    At the end of each session, there will be a 1/2 Hour Zumba Fitness party by Fiesta Instructor! So come and learn about your heart and then dance your heart out! 

    Date: 4th May 2013, Saturday

    Time: 9 - 12 pm ( English session)   or   1 - 4 pm ( Mandarin session )

    Price: $20 per session  /  $30 for 1 pair of tickets ( for the same session )

    ***Promotion: From now until 22nd April, 1Fiesta Members can buy the ticket through 1Fiesta by registering and paying to our Instructor at Golden Mile Complex studio only. No $3 Sistic Charge will be imposed. Alternatively, you can also purchase your ticket through Sistic.



  • Study shows Zumba burns more calories than Power Yoga, Kick Boxing and Aerobics

    Hey Zumba Lovers,


    Good News! There is a study done by University of Winconsin-La-Crosse showing that Zumba burns more Calories!!! You have chosen the right exercise! More information can also be found on America Council of Exercise (ACE) website.



  • Easter Eggstravaganza

    It's Easter Friday! And we are going to do a 2 hours Zumba Fitness party! Come and join your favorite 1Fiesta Instructors on Good Friday! Make prepayment now to avoid disappointment. 

    Date: 29 March 2013, Friday

    Time: 0930 am - 1130 am (2 hours)

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

    Price: $20

  • 1Fiesta will be stopping zumba classes at Farrer Park, Natasha Studio

    Dear 1Fiesta Members,


    Starting from 11 March 2013, 1Fiesta will cease operation of Zumba Class at Farrer Park, City Square Mall - Natasha Studio. 

    Members who still have the punch card can still use it at other nearby outlets like Golden Mile Complex ( near lavender MRT / Nicholl highway MRT ) or Waterloo Center ( near bugis / city hall / brash Basah / Dhoby Ghuat MRT ) or Bishan. 

    Thank you for your support and sorry for any inconvenience caused. 




  • New Location:Zumba in Clementi

    Dear Zumba Lovers in the West,


    We are now bring Zumba Fitness to the West! We will be opening a class at Clementi Sports Hall starting from 10 March 2013! It is now accessible for Zumba lovers who stay around Clementi, Jurong, Boon Lay and Bona Vista to attend a Zumba Class. Come and Join Farah for an hour of Fun and workout. 

    Date / Time : Every Sunday  / 10 - 11 am

    Venue: Dance Studio inside Clementi Swimming Pool


    Note: You will need to tell the staff that you are coming for the Zumba Class to avoid paying for the Swimming pool entrance fee, but strictly NO swimming allowed. 




  • Happy International Women Day

    Dear ladies,


    1Fiesta would like to wish all Ladies here a Happy International Women Day! You ladies rock! 

    Let's continue to Zumba and Keep Fit! 

  • Zumba Toning and Hip Hop Master Class with George Iu

    Dear Zumba Fans in Singapore,


    Come and catch first Asian Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) George Iu in Zumba Toning and his famous Hip Hop dance workout in Singapore! Proudly brought to you by 1Fiesta.



    Date: 22nd March 2013, Friday

    Zumba Toning: 7 - 8 pm

    Hip Hop: 8 - 9 pm

    Ticket price: $25 for 1 class / $40 for both classes

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04- 16

                    5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588

     Tickets will be available at Waterloo and Golden Mile Complex from 27th Feb 2013. Buy now before tickets are sold out!

    See you at Golden Mile Complex! 

  • Zumba Fitness party with ZES George Iu

    Dear Fiesta Zumba Members,


    George Iu is coming to Singapore! George Iu is the World first Asian Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) !!! Don't miss out this special Zumba Fitness Party with him!


    Date: 23 March 2013, Saturday

    Time: 4 pm - 5.45 pm

    Venue: Republic Polytechnic, Indoor Competition Hall

    Ticket Price: $35 Advance / $40 at the Door.

    From now till 28th Feb, ticket are selling at $28 and buy 8 tickets will get 1 free ticket!

    Grab your ticket now..

    NEVER to be miss!!

    1Fiesta is the authorized dealer for Ztudio Asia for this event. 

  • Thank you for celebrating a great start of Year of Snake 2013 with 1Fiesta

    To all members who came and party with us at Golden Mile Complex and Waterloo Center,


    Thank you for the great start of the year of the snake 2013! There are a total 167 members zumbaing with 1Fiesta at both Golden Mile Complex and Waterloo Center on 12 Feb 2013 Morning! It was such a high-energy and amazing Zumba Party! And  you guys survived the 188 mins / 120 mins of non-stop workout! I am sure that you have burnt most of the CNY goodies intake! Well Done!!!


    Please do continue to Zumba with us, keeping fit and continue to lose weight! Let's fight the fats off!

    Wish you and your family Happy, Healthy and Wealthy in the Year of Snake! Huat ah!!!!!




  • Additional Lunar New Year Zumba Party @ Waterloo

    Hey Fiesta Members,


    Due to overwhelming demand for Zumba Fitness Party on 12th Feb 2013, we will be having another one!!! Come and join Shannon at our Waterloo studio to work off the CNY goodies! 


    Date: 12th Feb 2013, Tuesday

    Time: 9:30 am - 11:30 am (2 hours)

    Venue: 261 Waterloo Street, Waterloo Center, #03-29, Singapore 180261

    Instructor: Shannon

    Price: $18 


    Have a great Year of Snake ahead!

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Dear Zumba Members,

    We would like to wish all members a prosperous and happy Chinese New Year. May you be happy, healthy and wealthy in the year of Snake.



    All Fiesta Instructors

  • Finish your Groupon before it expires!!!

    Dear Groupon Members,


    Just a gentle reminder to finish your groupon package by the end of Feb 2013. You can come for any of our Zumba Fitness Classes, Zumba Toning Classes or Zumba Circuit classes using the groupon punch card. We are now not limiting you to your choice of classes. For example, if you have bought 4 sessions of Zumba Fitness Classes and would like to try out Zumba Toning Classes or Zumba Circuit Class, you are allowed to do so as long as you RSVP for the class through our website. 


    For those who have already finished or finishing your Groupon deals, we hope to continue to see you coming to our classes. Let's all work hard together for a fitter, slimmer and healthier future! 




  • CNY Special Zumba Class

    Hey Fiesta members,


    To thank you for your support and to start off your lunar year with a great workout, 1Fiesta is bringing to you... not 1, not 2 but 3 hours of workout!!! Come and join us for this 188 minutes of special class on 12th Feb 2013. 


    Date: 12th Feb 2013, Tue

    Time: 09:30 am - 12:38 pm  (188 minutes)

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16, Singapore 199588

    Ticket Price: $18



    09:30 am - 11:30 am: Zumba Fitness with Gerald

    11:30 am - 12:00 pm: Bowka Fitness with Vanessa

    12:00 pm - 12:38 pm: Zumba Toning with Shannon


    Tickets are now available for sale at our Golden Mile Complex studio! 

    Wait... There is more! There will be lucky draw on that day too! Lucky draws is limited to the first 88 participants only. 

  • Message from Gonzaga

      Zumba people!!
    First of all, my apology for what happened on Thursday evening class in Golden Mile.
    It was definitely not one of my best day.
    I might have created a misunderstanding when I said that, "√Ź prefer teaching in Waterloo and wanted to return the class back to Farah", after my accidental fall during class.
    I am really not happy about what I said, especially when I could not deliver my absolute best during the class, as it is very important to me that I could deliver intense energy and craziness into the class, and that is also my secret for being a Zumba instructor.
    I was not feeling too well on that day and hence the quality of the class was compromised.
    I seek for your understanding and forgiveness. I would also like to hear from you guys if there is any feedback you would like to give me.
    Also, the untimely event today was solely my fault and not my colleagues nor Fiesta.
    I Hope to see you zumba people soon and let¬īs get back to the energetic crazy class soon!
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    And once again, my deepest apology to all of you.
  • Golden Mile Friday Evening Class Timing Change Starting from 1st Feb

    Dear members,


    As we had gotten many feedback that the 6.30 pm Zumba Circuit class is too rush for them to get to the studio in time, we decided to change the timing for the Friday evening class at Golden Mile Complex. Below will be the new timing for Friday evening, starting from 1st Feb 2013.

    Zumba Circuit : 7 pm - 8 pm

    Zumba Fitness: 8 pm - 9 pm


    Hope to see you all on Friday class!




  • Dance Studio for rent

    Hey Instructors out there,


    1Fiesta's dance studio are available for rental.


    Our dance studio at Waterloo Center is a good dance studio in the city to rent. It is located near 4 mrt stations - Bras Basah, Bugis, City Hall and Douby Ghaut.  It is very central and very conveniently located.

    If you are looking for something near Lavender, kallang or Nicholl Highway, our dance studio at Golden Mile Complex will be the perfect choice. Also, with 3500 sqft, our Golden Mile Complex Dance Studio is a big dance studio with lots of dancing space. 

    So if you are looking for a dance studio to conduct a fitness class or a dance class, drop us a message for more information! 

    Our dance studio can also be decorated and be rented for events like private parties or kid's birthday party. Our Golden Mile Complex studio has flashing disco lights that will set the party mood going. 

    So do contact us if you are looking for a dance studio or a place to rent. 




  • Get your money back through Government Grants!

    Hey Zumba Lovers,


    Great News for you! Now, you can even get your company and the government to pay for your zumba classes!!! The Health Promotion Board is now introducing a Workplace Health program, where they would co-fund healthy activities such as your Favorite Zumba Classes!!! Get your company to apply for the grant and we can do up some corporate zumba classes packages for you! Don't miss this chance to get your money back from the Government. Just Joking... Well... Not entirely...  ;p


    More information about the workplace health promotion grant can be found here.




    Good Luck in your application.




  • Kerry is back!

    Hi Fiesta members,


    Kerry Staynings is back from her vacation! If you miss her Zumba Fitness classes or Zumba Gold Classes, do come and Kerry! Kerry is also available for private Zumbatomic classes if you would like some private parties for your kids. You can also look for us like you would like kerry to do corporate zumba classes or corporate zumba program for your company.

    Let's party! 




  • Notice: Classes at Farrer Park will be covered by Farah, Sunita and Sabrina Chiu

    Dear Zumba lovers in the North East,


    As Aaron and Connie are away for dance competition, their classes at Farrer Park, Natasha Studio, will be covered by Sunita and Sabrina Chiu on Monday evening and Farah on Sat afternoon. They will be back on 20th Jan 2013 and will resume taking classes on 21st Jan 2013. 




  • Chasing Happiness: Happiness on the run


    As I watched Chasing Happiness: Happiness on the run on Channel News Asia by Adrian Pang, I now understand why I will always (like ALWAYS) end the session with a big smile on my face. Yes. Zumba, like other cardio exercises, can indeed bring you happiness! With great music, fun zumba dance and crazy Fiesta Zumba Instructors, let's come and get high on endorphins!!!

     See you there at our Zumba Classes! Be Happy always! 




  • Notice: Monday Class at Golden Mile Changed to 7 pm

    Dear Zumba lovers,


    Please do take note that we are changing our Monday zumba class at golden mile complex from 6.30pm to 7 pm starting from 7 Jan 2013. Come and join Farah the zumba fitness class to beat your Monday blues.





  • Share your 2013 Wishes and Resolutions!

    Dear Fiesta Members,


    Happy New Year!!! It is the start of another exciting year! What do you hope for and wish for in this coming year? Get a pay raise? Win Toto? Lose weight? or come for Zumba Classes everyday? Share your dreams, hopes and resolution here. Tell the world your resolutions and encourage one another to stick to them! 

    May all your dreams for 2013 come true and may you never stop dreaming! 

    Have a beautiful life.




  • New Year Eve party with Gerald and Sabrina!!!

    Dear Zumba Lovers,


    Come and do your last workout of the year 2012! Join Gerald and Sabrina for this 90 mins special class and end your 2012 in a fit and healthy way!

    Date: 31st Dec 2012, Monday

    Time: 10 am - 11:30 am (1.5 hours)

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex studio, #04-16, 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588.


    See you there for the last time in this year!

  • X’mas Party with Gerald

     OH Oh oh,

    This year, you can celebrate your X'mas doing Zumba!!! Come and join Gerald for this 90 mins (1.5 hours) special class on X'mas day itself! Come and sweat away all the X'mas goodies you had ate and will still be eating! See you there!


    Date: 25th Dec, Tue

    Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am ( 90 mins)

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16

    Price: $15    (no punch cards or Groupons)


    Have a fabulous X'mas! 




  • New Location – Changi Airport!

    Hey Hey,


    We are going to have another location in the EAST! Changi Airport Recreation Club ( CARC )!!!

    Classes will Start in First Week of Jan 2013.

    Note: As the the Changi Airport Recreation Club requires us to submit a name list of participants, we have to make the classes as a fixed monthly package to prevent authorized persons from entering and in out of the club house. Thank you for your kind understanding. 

    Wed evening:  7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

    Sat Morning : 10 am - 11 am & 11 am - 12 pm

    Price: Only by Monthly payment. $10 per class, so monthly payment depends on how many wed or Sat the month has. 

    For Direction on how to get to there, clink on the link below or visit our FAQ.



    To sign up, please approach Yilin or Jean.

    Alternatively, you can sign up the package under the class registration. However, there will be a $2 surcharge for website registration.

    For Wed 7.30pm ‚Äď 8.30pm Classes in Jan 2013, Click¬†HERE.

    For Sat 10 am ‚Äď 11 am Classes in Jan 2013, Click¬†HERE.

    For Sat 11 am ‚Äď 12 pm Classes in Jan 2013, Click¬†HERE.

  • Amazing Avatar Party!!!

    It was such an AMAZING Party at Avatar last Sat!!! If you have missed it, you can still check out some of the actions here or at our Facebook page.  Make sure you don't miss it again next time!


  • Instructions for Groupon Members!!!

    Dear Groupon Members,


    Congratulations! You have now purchased yourself not just a few lessons of exercise classes, but a healthy and fun lifestyle!!!  Now, here is what you need to do to get the Party Started!


    First, register an account with us. Click here.

    Next, check out the class that you would like to attend by checking out our Class Schedule at Golden Mile Complex.

    Then, choose the class that you would like to attend at the Class Registration. And register for it. You will then receive an e mail confirmation. Please do not use our Meetup site! 

    You will have to register every time you want to attend a class. Registration will only start 6 days in advance. For example, if you want to attend a class on next week Monday, you will only be able to register for the class starting from this week Tuesday. Registration will close about 2 hours before the start of the class.

    On the day of the class, please kindly arrive 15 minutes earlier to check in with us. You MUST bring along a Hard Copy of the Groupon Voucheron your First Visit.     You will then be issued a punch card. You will then need to bring along the punch card for your subsequent visits.  

    For Direction to go to Golden Mile Complex, click here.

    You can also use this voucher for Zumba-in-the-circuit classes. Or if you feel like changing a Zumba Fitness session to a Zumba Toning session, you can do so by letting us know.

    Last but not least, Enjoy and Have Fun at the Zumba Classes!!!

  • How to get to Golden Mile Complex

    Getting to Golden Mile Complex


    Getting here by MRT

    1. Alight at Nicoll Highway MRT (Circle Line) and walk towards Concourse and turn right on Beach Road. Estimated walking time ‚Äď 6 mins

    2. Alight at Lavender Mrt and walk from Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA), through the HDB flats, cross North Bridge Road and then Beach Road (direct access from overhead bridge). Estimated walking time ‚Äď 8 mins

    Getting here by Bus

    Bus Services from City ‚Äď 100, 961, 980

    Bus Services towards City ‚Äď 100

    When Raining, 

    Take Train to Nicoll Highway Mrt, Walk the sheltered overhead bridge to Key Point, take a bus (100, 961, 980) for 1 stop, and cross the sheltered overhead bridge to Golden Mile Complex


    Car Parking fee at Golden Mile Complex  (Last update: Sep 2012)

    Monday ‚Äď Saturday (24 hours)

    0700 hrs ‚Äď 1759 hrs : $2 for 1st hour or part thereof, $1 for subsequent 1/2 hour or part thereof

    1800 hrs ‚Äď 0700 hrs: $2.20 per entry (no grace period)

    Additional parking fee: Motorist entering before 1800 hrs and leaves after 1800 hrs must pay normal hourly parking fee and additional per entry fee.

    Sunday / Public Holiday (24 hours)

    0700 hrs ‚Äď 0700 hrs : $2.20 per entry (no grace period)


    Monday to Sunday / Public holiday 

    0700 ‚Äď 0700 hrs : $0.80 per entry (no grace period)

  • Golden Mile Studio Grand Opening Pictures

    Hey Fiesta Memebers!!!


    Thank you all of you for your support!!! It was a fabulous, FABulous, FABULOUS PARTY!!! With more than 130 members turn up, we definintely ROCKed Golden Mile Complex! Way more happening than the Discos downstairs!

    Here are some of the pictures from the party. Enjoy!  =)






  • 1Fiesta Grand Opening Party!

    Hey Fiesta Members,

    Join your favourite Fiesta Zumba Instructors at Golden Mile Complex for 2 hours of Zumba fun to celebrate the grand opening of the 1Fiesta Golden Mile Complex Studio!!! Ticket priced at $20. Get your tickets now from your Instructors!


  • ZES Carolina Toning and Sentao Master Class!!!

    Hey Zumba Lovers,


    For the first time, we are going to have Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Carolina from Australia to be here in Singapore to conduct a Zumba Toning and Zumba Sentao Master Class! Don't miss this chance to experience this body sculpting party! Just approach our friendly instructors to purchase the tickets. Note: the first 30 persons to buy both the Zumba Toning and Zumba Sentao tickets will receive a free ticket to our grand opening of our Studio at Golden Mile Complex which is on 15 Nov (7 - 9 pm), worth $20.


    Zumba Toning

    Date: 16 Nov 2012, Friday

    Time: 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16, 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588

    Price: $25

    Zumba Sentao

    Date: 17 Nov 2012, Sat

    Time: 10.30 am - 11.30 am

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16, 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588

    Price $25

    1Fiesta Grand Opening

    Date: 15 Nov 2012, Thurs

    Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

    Venue: Golden Mile Complex, #04-16, 5001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588

    Price $20


  • Party in Pink 2012!

    Dear Zumba Lovers,


    It was a fabulous Party in Pink! Thank you for your contribution and support for the breast cancer foundation! 

    For those who are not aware of the Party in Pink, it is the annual event organized by local Zumba Instructors to help to raise funds for the breast cancer foundation! If you have missed out this year's party, do keep a lookout for next year's party! It will be held in Oct every year! 



  • Last Class at Yio Chu Kang Grassroot on 06 Nov 2012 !

    Dear Zumba Lovers in the North,


    We will be having our last Class at Yio Chu Kang in 2012 on 06 Nov as the Grassroots requires the dance studio for their own usage until the end of the year. We will resume the Zumba Classes in Jan 2013. In the meantime, please continue to zumba at our other outlets! Our Golden Mile Complex studio will be a great studio to go to as it has about 3000 sqft of dance area! 

    See you in Jan 2013!!!   =)




  • ***Hari Raya Haji Triple Treats – 90 Mins Special Class with Shannon, Kerry and Farah

    Hey Zumba lovers,


    1Fiesta would like to wish everyone a Happy Hari Raya Haji by giving you a Triple Treat - a 90 mins special class with Shannon, Kerry and Farah! It will be 30 mins of Zumba Toning, followed by 60 mins of Zumba Fitness!!! And it's just for $12 only! Come and join us at Golden Mile Complex studio for this triple treats! 

    Date: 26 Oct 2012, Friday

    Time: 10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Venue: 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex, #04-16  Singapore 199588

    Price: $12

    See you at Golden Mile Complex!

    Note: There will be no morning class at Waterloo on 26 Oct, Friday.




  • Notice: No Class at Waterloo Studio for 8 Oct – 13 Oct

    Hi Fiesta Member,


    Please kindly note that most of the classes at Waterloo center from 8 Oct (Monday) to 13 Oct (Saturday) will be conducted at Golden Mile Complex instead. The only classes remaining at Waterloo will be the Zumba Sentao Classes ( Monday 11 am - 12 pm, Wed 9 am - 10 am, Friday 8 pm - 9 pm). Please do join us at Golden Mile! Come and take a look at this big studio - 3500 sqft! Lots of space to dance and party! Equipped with a stage so that you can see the instructor! If you still can't see the instructor, we will do a live feed of the class onto 2 big projection screen! 

     The Class Schedule for 8 Oct - 14 Oct week for Golden Mile and Waterloo are as below.

    So let's party and rocked the Golden Mile Complex.




    Address:  Golden Mile Complex, #04-16, 5001 Beach Road  Singapore 199588 


    See you at Golden Mile Complex!


    Golden Mile Complex Class Schedule



    Waterloo Class Schedule

  • Notice: Farrer Park Sat evening class changed to 1230 pm – 1330 pm

    Hey Everybody,


    We have changed our class timing for our Saturday classes from evening time to 1230 pm - 1330 pm. Please kindly take note.






  • Fiesta Welcomes Instructors Farah and Vanessa on board.

    Fiesta would like to take this chance to welcome Farah Fakar and Vanessa Sauze to join the Fiesta team to bring Zumba to more people in Singapore! Both Farah and Vanessa are experienced Zumba Instructor before joining Fiesta and together, we hope to bring Zumba in Singapore to greater heights. Do come and experience their classes! 

  • Special Class – K Pop dance


    You have seen it on MTV! You have heard the latest K Pop songs! Come and join Jaenny on this special class to learn how to dance like the girls in the "Mr Taxi" MTV by Girls Generation. It is a must join if you are a K Pop fan! 


    Date: 21st Sep 2012, Fri

    Time: 6 pm - 7 pm

    Instructor: Jaenny

    Price: $15

  • Fiesta Instructors Rocked JB with David Velez

    This time round, we are across the border! Fiesta Instructors joined David Velez in Mega Zumba Party in Johor Bahru, Malaysia!!! 

    Thank you Malaysia Zumba Family for having us!   =)





  • Zumba Sentao Relaunched!!!

    Fiesta de Fitness is now relaunching Zumba Sentao! Come and join Gerald and Vanessa for this fun workout! 


    Zumba¬ģ¬†Zumba Sentao‚ĄĘ¬†¬†‚ÄstThe Zumba Sentao‚ĄĘ workout takes the thrill of the fitness-party and partners it with explosive, chair-based choreography to strengthen, balance and stabilize your core, and step up your cardio work in a whole new way. Grab a chair, feel the beat and learn how to use your own body weight to enhance muscle strength, improve definition and endurance, and tone your physique. Strut, shake and shimmy as you work your core (and work the chair) in a high-energy fitness-party that will keep you on the edge of your seat!



    Monday morning, 11 am - 12 pm, by Vanessa

    Wednesday morning, 9 am - 10 am, by Vanessa

    Friday Evening, 8 pm - 9 pm, by Gerald

  • New Location!!! – Farrer Park

    Hey Zumba Lovers at the north east,


    We are now having classes at City Square Mall, Farrer Park MRT Station! Come and join Aaron and Connie for this fabulous and fun workout! 



    Natasha Studio, City Square Mall

    180 Kitchener Road, #02-23/24, Singapore 208539


  • New Zumba Toning and Zumba Gold Toning Classes

    Hey Zumba Lovers, 


    We will be starting a Zumba Toning class and a Zumba Gold Toning Class in the morning very very soon for you early riser who prefer to workout in the morning!!! Do come and try out this fun filled body sculpting workout, with light Zumba Toning stick of 1 to 2.5 lbs. Zumba Toning is the perfect way for enthusiasts to sculpt their bodies naturally while having a total blast. 

    Zumba Gold Toning brings Zumba Toning to a less intense level, making it suitable for the senior population to have a great workout, while having a great and fun time. It is also suitable to participants who are just starting to workout after leading a sedentary lifestyle for a long time. It is time to get your body working and keep you healthy and fit.


    Zumba Toning

    Date and time: Every Tues morning, 1030 am - 11 30 am


    Zumba Gold Toning

    Date and time: Every Thurs Morning, 11 am - 12 pm


    Instructor: Shannon Lupian 


    [EVENT_ESPRESSO_CATEGORY event_category_id="shannon-lupian"]




  • Fiesta Fitness Performance at MBS on National Day

    Happy National Day Singapore!


    Fiesta Fitness is honored to be invited by Home Team NS to do a 15 minutes Zumba performance with Home Team NS! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day! May Singapore prosper and grow!!!





  • Burlesque!!! Special one off class on 10 Aug, Fri

    Burlesque!!! Special Class!


    You have read about it, you have seen it on TV and in movies.... Now come and learn how to do it!!!

    Come and join this Special class and learn the art of classy seduction and dance! This is a class that is not to be missed!

    Feel free to dress up and wear your heels or just come ready for class... The choice is yours!


    Date: 10 Aug 2012, Fri

    Time: 6.30 pm - 7.30 pm

    Venue: Waterloo Studio

    Price: $15

  • No Class at Bishan on 9 Aug

    Please kindly take note that there will be no class at Bishan on 9 Aug 2012, Thurs, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm due to National Day holiday. 

  • Mega Party Photo

    Thank you everyone for making the Mega party with David Velez and Maria Teresa Stone such a huge success!!! 


    Here are some of the photos taken during the party! More Photos can be found on the Facebook page.      https://www.facebook.com/fiesta.dfitness



    David Velez and Maria Teresa Stone


    The Battle


    The Photographer


    The Fiesta Team

    Fabulous Fiesta Party!

  • The New Paper: Zumba your Way to fitness in Singapore

    Zumba Fitness has recently been featured in the The New Paper. Click on the link below to read the article.






  • Fiesta Mega Party with Maria Teresa Stone and David Velez (E Ticket)

  • Amazing Allison’s Master Class

    It was AMAZING!!!! Allison's Master Class was so full of life and energy! We are definitely honored to have her with us! If she ever do visit Singapore again, you MUST come for her Master Class!!!






  • Yannick and Russell Rocks Waterloo!!!

    It was a fabulous Fabulous FABULOUS PARTY!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! Yannick and Russell rocks the Waterloo Studio last night!!! Thank you, Yannick and Russell so such a great time! 



  • Fiesta De Fitness Mega Party!!!

    Come and Join Fiesta De Fitness in celebrating reaching 3000 members!!! We are extremely honored to have not just one, but 2 ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) in this Mega party!!! Tickets are limited. So grab yours today! 



    Date: 15 July 2012, Sunday

    Time: 7 pm - 9 pm (2 hours)

    Venue: Scape Warehouse, level 2, 2 Orchard link, Singapore 237978


    * Tickets could be purchased through any of our Fiesta De Fitness Instructors.

  • ***MasterClass with Allison Petersen ZES

    Hey Zumba Lovers,


    We are honored to have Allison Petersen - Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) - to conduct a Zumba Master Class at our Waterloo Studio. It will be 90 mins of fun and great workout. Don't miss this great party! 

    Date: 24 June 2012, Sunday

    Time: 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm    (90 mins)

    Location: 261 Waterloo Street, #03-29 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261

    Price: $30


  • Special Class with Zumba Jammer – Yannick Benoit from Australia

    Dear Zumba Lovers,


    We are honored to be able to invite Australian Zumba Jammer - Yannick Benoit - to have 2 special Zumba Classes with Fiesta De Fitness in Singapore!!! 


    The Special Classes with Yannick will be priced at $15 per class. No back-to-back classes discount will be applicable on those days. The special classes will be on the following sessions.

    Thursday, 14th June, 8 pm - 9 pm.

    Thursday, 21st June, 8 pm - 9 pm.


    RSVP for the special classes on our Meetup now!   =)


    *** What are Zumba Jammers?

     Zumba Jammers are Zumba choreography experts who are auditioned and are officially selected by the Home Office to hold ZIN Jam sessions to provide other Zumba Instructors with innovative new choreo, so they can improve, advance and spice up their Zumba classes.

  • Little Nur passed away… =(

    This is really sad... But we would still like to thank everyone for your support during the Zumba Charity Party. Your donation will not go to waste. Little Nur's parents will now use the money to help other children battling critical illnesses. 




    Once again, Thank you.




  • ** $2,200 US Dollars had been raised for Little Nur

    Fiesta De Fitness would like to say a big THANK YOU for your generous donation and help you have given to Little Nur. We could not have possibly done it without you! 

    Now, Let's hope that little Nur will get well soon and even join Zumba one of these days.   =)

  • *** Zumba Classes At Bishan ***

    Hey Hey,


    As we promised to bring Zumba Closer to you, we are now opening not just one... but two Zumba Classes in Bishan!!! The Classes will be conducted at Bishan Sports Hall, Dance Studio. 

    Address: Bishan Sports Hall, Dance Studio, 5 Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579783

    Classes will be starting from this week onwards!!! 6 Jun 2012, Wed for 9.30 - 10.30 am Class and 7 Jun 2012, Thurs for 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm Class.

    Class Schedule and instructor will be as below. 

    Hope to See you at the Party soon!






  • Charity Party for Little Nur 30th May, Wed

    Special classes on Wednesday 30 May 2012.. Fiesta de fitness is helping to raise fund for this little girl named Nur who is suffering from myocarditis, a rare heart disease... All proceed from Wednesday evening classes will go help this little girl... So join us to help this little girl...

    Special class will be held at Fiesta de Fitness Waterloo Studio from 7pm -8pm n 8pm-9pm

    If you have not read Little Nur's story, here it is...http://www.tnp.sg/content/girl-4-has-weeks-live-unless-she-can-get-heart-transplant


    Note: Cash only. No punch cards will be accepted for the 2 classes mentioned. 

  • Mother’s Day Special

    Dear Members,

    To celebrate the coming Mother's day, Fiesta De Fitness is now offering a Mother's Day Special on Zumba Gold Class punch card. In the past, there were only discount given to senior citizens. But now, discount is extended to all members wanting to attend Zumba Gold Class. Give your Mother a fun and healthy lifestyle now with the Zumba Gold Class Punch Card! There is no greater gift than Health and Happiness. The prices are as follows.


    For 10 sessions Zumba Gold punch card    $100

    For 20 sessions Zumba Gold punch card   $180

    The Zumba Gold Punch cards are only valid for Zumba Gold Classes only.

    Our Zumba Gold Class is at 9.30 am - 10.30 am every Thursday Morning.


    Fiesta De Fitness wishing all Mothers a Happy and Healthy Mother's Day!!!   =)

  • Zumba Toning Master Class by David Velez

    Zest David Velez will be conducting a Zumba toning master class! Make your reservation for the master class on Meetup now! Limited slots left!

    Zumba! Singapore (1Fiesta)

    Singapore, SG
    7,639 Members

    Are you ready to party yourself into shape? That‚Äôs exactly what the Zumba¬ģ program is all about. It‚Äôs an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burni...

    Next Meetup

    *Jurong Zumba Fitness with Jnr

    Wednesday, Jan 18, 2017, 6:30 PM
    1 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →


    Date: 13 April 2012, Friday

    Time: 7.30 pm

    Venue: Waterloo Gold Studio

  • *** New Classes in Yio Chu Kang

    Attention to all residents in the North of Singapore, Fiesta de Fitness is now bringing Zumba closer to your home! We will be starting classes at the Studio at Yio Chu Kang Grassroots Club. For now, it will be on every Tues, 7.30 pm - 8.30 pm. Lucky Yio Chu Kang residents will be able to see our Fiesta de Fitness Instructor - Aaron Then - in action! 

    Don't miss the fun and Party yourself into Shape! 

  • United We Dance Charity Event – March 2012

    Fiesta Fitness is proud to be a part of the United We Dance Charity Event on 10 March 2012. We are glad that we are able to contribute the community and bring joy and fitness to the participants at the same time. We definitely hope to have more of such events and hope that you will be able to join us again! Let's Zumba!!!



    Opening Performance by our very own talented Fiesta Zumba Instructors - Aaron and Connie!


    Fiesta Instructors giving participants the Kick that they craved.


    Shake it, Shake it!




     Photos from: Gina Hasegawa



    15 March 2012

  • ***Announcement: Master Class with David Velez is full!!!

    Due to the overwhelming response, the Master Class with David Velez on 22nd Feb 2012 is already full. We will definitely try to get him to do more master classes with us in the future. So don't be too disappointed if you missed this opportunity. Just remember to sign up quick the next time! 

  • Launching Quick 6 Exercises with HPB

    Last Friday, 3rd Feb 2012, our fiesta de fitness instructors had a great time helping the Health Promotion Board to train student volunteers from Methodist Girls School to teach the Quick 6 Strenght Exercises to the elderly so that the elderlies could stay strong and fit. Most of the elderlies had no clue how to do the exercises before the workshop. Other than showing them what exercises they can do, teaching them how to do the exercises safely is a critical part of the workshop. Seeing that the elderlies now are able to take charge of their own health and fitness is a most meaningful and rewarding experience. We definitely hope that the elderlies will put the exercises we taught into good use and stay fit and healthy in their golden years. 


    Students Volunteers teaching the elderlies the exercises. 


    Aaron patiently guiding the grandma. 


    Sabrina was here to save the day.  =)


    Written by:


    9 Feb 2011

  • Chingay Mega Class 2012

    Chingay Mega Zumba Fitness Class with  Michael Thomas, David Velez and Heidy Torres on 3rd and 4th Feb 2012! It was AWESOME!!! Everyone has so much fun! And also massive photo-taking session! Check out some of the actions here! If you have any photos you would like to share, please forward them to us!   =)




     Photo from Gina Hasegawa.






  • Zumba Basic 1 Training

    David Velez will be here in Singapore to conduct Zumba Basic 1 Training on 23rd - 24th Feb 2012! If you are interested to be a Zumba Instructor, do join in the fun!!!
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