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Last Friday, 3rd Feb 2012, our fiesta de fitness instructors had a great time helping the Health Promotion Board to train student volunteers from Methodist Girls School to teach the Quick 6 Strenght Exercises to the elderly so that the elderlies could stay strong and fit. Most of the elderlies had no clue how to do the exercises before the workshop. Other than showing them what exercises they can do, teaching them how to do the exercises safely is a critical part of the workshop. Seeing that the elderlies now are able to take charge of their own health and fitness is a most meaningful and rewarding experience. We definitely hope that the elderlies will put the exercises we taught into good use and stay fit and healthy in their golden years. 


Students Volunteers teaching the elderlies the exercises. 


Aaron patiently guiding the grandma. 


Sabrina was here to save the day.  =)


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9 Feb 2011



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