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Shabin Fernandez bring with him 8 years of experience as a dance instructor in freestyle, hip hop, folk western, contemporary and Bollywood. He has the knowledge of the dance industry in the Indian cinema, the champions and the styles. He as choreographed for competitions and shows with great success and having more students enrolling for this classes. All his hard work was payed when he was approached to be in charge of  the Indian contingent in the Chingay 2014 and this recognition has awarded the Indian contingent the most popular award. He is very energetic, creative with an excellent sense of co ordination and rhythm. He is very patient with his students especially teaching children as young as 4 years. He is well-liked by all his fellow students and with all their support, he wants to bring dancing to the next level. 


Currently, he is conducting Bollywood classes for kids from the age of 5 and for adults as well. 


Shabin Fernandez


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