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The Workout

The 20 Minute Fatburn Workout.

Maximise results in minimum time. Boosts metabolism, Improves speed, power and strength.

The Concept

Fatburn Extreme® is a new concept in group fitness training and weight loss exercising. Like no other, Fatburn Extreme® is a fixed 20 minute, maximum intensity, rest based workout, using only bodyweight exercises to emulsify fat and tone muscles.

The Benefits

  • Improves functional speed, power and strength
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic capacity
  • Boosts metabolism and optimises fat loss (for up to 48 hours)
  • It is short, safe, simple and effective
  • Get results in a short period of time

The Science

Formulated with a carefully structured scientific approach,the Fatburn Extreme® system has been designed to optimise the principles of ‘overload’, the process by which the neuromuscular adapts to unaccustomed loads of stressors.



Fatburn Extreme class with Master Trainer Teo Yen Kai

M Gerald Tay 發佈於 2018年9月26日星期三


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