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Shao Xuan’s Yoga Practice Trained by one of the largest yoga groups worldwide Sivananda Yoga Vedanta, Shao Xuan practises hatha yoga. She believes in the use of yoga asanas (postures), where physical control is exercised and this enhances an individual’s mental control over themselves. Through balancing and strengthening asanas (postures), the individual learns to breath better – unleashing prana (vital energy) and relaxation. This brings much needed relief to the hectic office worker’s life and the weekend warrior’s muscular tightness.
 About Shao Xuan
Born and bred in Singapore, Shao Xuan’s yoga journey started in 2007, when her good friend dragged her to her first yoga class. She thought she was off to a good ole nap on a rubber mat. Fast forward 6 years later, Shao Xuan has encountered the many physical and mental benefits of yoga, such as peace of mind and overall fitness.As newly minted Yoga Siromani (teacher) through the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre Kerala, Shao Xuan is interested in helping athletes gain an extra edge in strength, flexibility and balance through yoga. She is a former triathlete and urban racer, who understands the necessary asanas to help an athlete become better at their sport.Shao Xuan is a believer in evidence-based yoga and co-founded The Scientific Yogi, with her mates who want to use science to demystify yoga’s benefits. She contributes to MindBodyGreen.com and InTheLoop . She holds 2 Science degrees in Statistics and Psychology from the National University of Singapore and University of Western Australia. She also gives private yoga lessons to corporates and individuals looking to gain health and balance in their lives.
Shao Xuan


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