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I first started Zumba in 2011 when I joined the gym and I was doing it every other day to keep fit and have fun with my gym kakis. . After some time, I discovered that Zumba not only keep us fit, makes us happy and it's very addictive! My desire to master every new moves brought me to venture into joining Zumba trainers' program. From the trainers' program I gained insight into Zumba and was greatly inspired. I had never thought Zumba could be so popular around the world and I was very determined to share with everyone the best of Zumba. That's why I'm here, ever ready to share the joy of Zumba with you. . Lately, to make my life more interesting, I picked up another challenging program, Fight Do & Ubound. It's physically and mentally demanding, you got to try it for yourself to experience it. I bet you will like it if you desire to build yourself a toned body.
Lilian Tan


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