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Genevie or “Genny” as I am more known as, am a working mom with 3 kids who loves anything family oriented. ZUMBA became my key to getting the energy I needed to be back in shape and fit. After being hooked with it I decided I wanted to learn the backbone of ZUMBA so I took the course and decided why not share the ZUMBA LOVE. ZUMBA is a dance fitness party wherein anyone can join, from the young ones to the not so young, regardless of gender, a dancer or not, as long as you feel the music and hear it pumping through your veins you can do it. As what I have always said to anyone who asks me what ZUMBA is, it’s for everyone, it’s fun, it’s party mode, it’s your time so do as you please. As a mother of 3, ZUMBA time became ME time. So come and join me coz “I just want to party! Licensed To Teach


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