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19:40 - 20:40



Jurong East

03-257, 131 Jurong Gateway Rd
Singapore 600131.

Price: $15.00

per person

Fee: $15 cash or 1 punch
Punchcards available at studio for sale
10 class card $130
20 class card $230
(6mth validity, can be shared with friends)

As a beginner, using the yoga wheel can provide a great deal of support along the spine.
When placed underneath the back, the wheel can actually roll along your spine to gently massage it, allowing you to safely open through the entire front of the body. This gives you a fantastic stretch while also keeping you supported.

There are many benefits to using a yoga wheel in your practice. If you’re new to yoga or your muscles are especially tight through the front of your body—the shoulders, chest, abdominals, and hip flexors—practicing with a yoga wheel can really help open up these areas. Utilize the wheel by leaning back on it, essentially laying on the wheel, and letting the spine roll along it. This will not only help lengthen the back muscles, but it can also help realign the spine.

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