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20:30 - 21:00



Jurong East

03-257, 131 Jurong Gateway Rd
Singapore 600131.

Price: $12.00

per person

FatBurn Extreme is a short 20 mins workout, created based on the latest science research that has proven to burn fat effectively.

Formulated with a carefully structured, scientific approach, the Fatburn Extreme system has been designed to optimise the principles of ‘overload’; the process by which the neuromuscular system adapts to unaccustomed loads or stressors.

The workout protocol has been designed to develop quality lean muscle tissue whilst catabolising visceral fat stores. Compound movements are incorporated which provide focussed metabolic responses and hormonal stress leading to an increase in resting metabolic rate. Exercise of this nature has proven to yield more positive results and increase fitness levels in a shorter period of time.

The packages price for 4 consecutive sessions will be at $8.50 per session.
(Eg. 4 Mondays x $8.50 = $34)

The walk-in price will be at $12. 1Fiesta Punch card will be accepted.

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